Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nip/Tuck Seasons/Change

One week ago tonight, the "phenomenal" FX series Nip/Tuck concluded it's 4th season and i am already experiencing symptoms of withdrawal. Let me warn any of our visitors who may be logging on outside of the United States, this column [by default] is going to be spoiler laden. Sorry kids, but time and tide cannot prevent that fact, and as such, spoiler tags will not be utilized for eps that have already aired in the US. i'm not going to tell everything, but the nature of exposition/recap makes spoilers inevitable. Should i be able to provide any juicy info about Season 5, spoiler tags will be used. However, the probability of that is not very high, as i try to avoid spoilers myself. That said, as far as Nip/Tuck seasons 1-4 are concerned, if you haven't seen any of those season's eps [and if not where have you been and what have you been doing for goodness sakes] you've been spoiler warned, so spoiler whining will not be tolerated. Okaaay? O K.

Nip/Tuck's 4th Season consisted of 15 episodes. The finale "Gala Gallardo" was great. Many loose ends were tied up, and i'm happy to say neither doc McNamara or Troy were. They were blindfolded and prodded at gunpoint by two metrosexual henchman doctor Troy dubbed "the Paul Mitchell twins"

[love that line] to the home of ubiquitous villain Escobar Gallardo.

When the Docs are told they may remove their blindfolds they are introduced to the smokin' hot divalicious Mrs. Escobar Gallardo, the titular [no pun intended] Gala Gallardo.

Initially the surgeons infer they have been summoned to perform a routine breast augmentation, and balk at the request. Before leaving in disgust, they learn one of Escobar's enemies has mutilated Gala's breasts in retaliation for the same having been done to their sister. Recall, Escobar was using mules to transport coke, and other controlled substances into the states in breast implants. Some of the surgeries were not performed under the best of medical circumstances and serious complications resulted. When the doctors see the atrocity done to Gala, they are moved to perform the corrective surgery.

Kudos to the Nip/Tuck make-up department---they are artists of the highest calibre. The sight of the brutalized breasts was startling to say the least. Idalis De Leon's portrayal of Gala is absolutely superb. Vamp, wifey, mafiosa enforcer, and glam-mami all rolled into one. Hope she will re-appear in season 5 [please, please, please Ryan Murphy].

After getting a sweet buyout of his portion of McNamara/Troy Sean pulls up stakes and moves to California. Before departing he and Matt have a father/son heart to heart. Wonderful scene for John Hensley and Dylan Walsh. i defy anyone to not have a lump in their throat while watching them interact. Also Sean lets Kimber know where it's at as to her treatment of his son. Good stuff.

Sans Michelle [just wasn't meant to last---too many secrets, lies and thefts of body parts]

Wilber and Christian, make a surpize move to Cali too. The love and respect Christian has for Sean proves to have a strong pull. Yea! C'mon, you knew there was no way our boys were going to be apart for long.

Nip/Tuck Season4 Finale End Scene

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hugh Is That You?---NOT! duh...

On One Life To Live, it's been what about 6 weeks since a semi caused a fatality strewn multi-vehicle pile-up that claimed the life of beloved up and coming DA Hugh Hughes. However the residents of Llanview PA thought Hugh survived and another beloved citizen detective John Mcbain [portrayed by the delicious Michael Easton] was the one who bought the farm.

i've always liked Robert S. Woods, the actor who portrays police commissioner Bo Buchanan, but the character is one i've always thought couldn't find his ass with both hands. i hold him chiefly [no pun intended] responsible for why the good citizens of Llanview have been mourning the wrong guy all these weeks. The fans [those with an I.Q.higher than that of a potato anyway] of course were questioning why those in a position of authority were sooo quick to I.D. John as the corpse and Hugh as the survivor.

Both bodies were charred beyond recognition, and the ONLY evidence they use to confirm who's who [whom?] is a Saint Christopher medal clutched in one victim's hand. Uh, correct me if i'm wrong, but i'd estimate a few thousand people might be in possession of one of those talismans. But since McBain's fiance Natalie Buchanan, commissioner Buchanan's niece, recently gifted John with a Saint C medal, of course it had to be his medal and his hand. i can sympathize with McBain's brother, Doctor Michael McBain, thinking it was John [he's the one who I.D'd John's body]---he was overwhelmed with grief, and John's badge was a few feet from "the body". But for no other officials to say, oh i don't know something like 'doc mike, you're understandably upset, maybe you shouldn't be the one to make the final I.D. perhaps a DNA and/or blood sample is in order before we make any final declarations'.

But that didn't happen, and now poor Natalie is having a melt-down and is digging up what she has figured out is Hugh in John's grave. Tsk, tsk, tsk. And all because newest town ne'er do well Vincent Jones [portrayed by yummy Tobias Truvillion] has been visiting 'Hugh' in the hospital burn unit and discovered under his mummy-like bandages that the patient's eyes are blue. John's eyes are blue, Hugh's were brown.

Again, i could forgive that delayed revelation, except that not only are the color of their eyes different, they are different body types. To put it in athletic terms, Hugh was built more like a half-back, and John is built more like a wide receiver. So even though the patient in the burn unit is bandaged from head to toe, and only recently opened his eyes, how come no one, not even his parents---adoptive and biological [and his biological parents are doctors] noticed the difference in body types?!

Oh BTW, since it will probably be another 6 weeks until the "who are baby Tommy's biological parents?" storyline is concluded [Tommy was a foster kid recently adopted by Doc McBain and wife Marcie] remember where you heard it first kids: Todd Manning and crazy Margaret are Tommy's biological daddy and mommy.
Update as of Sunday 11~18~06: O K, just checked out Friday's [11~17~06] OLTL cliffhanger which confirmed my theory posted the day before the cliffhanger ep aired re: crazy Margaret and Todd being baby Tommy's biological parents. So i was wrong about it taking 6 weeks for that cat to be let out of the bag, but i was right about Tommy's gene pool.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who Dat Baby's Daddy? or Is Doc Spencer Really A Buchanan or Not?

So, the paternity DNA results have been revealed, and they show that Asa Buchanan is not Spencer Truman's pa. Spencer theorizes the tests were tampered with, but Bo Buchanan quickly throws out that argument when he reminds Spencer that the tests were administered in the presence of attorneys for Asa, and Spencer, and the independent auditor of whom both parties approved. When reason doesn't persuade him, Spencer flips out, and proceeds to take Vikki hostage by putting her in a choke-hold. As a rule i am not an advocate of violence, but i have to admit i was enjoying seeing Vikki in this predicament---imho, she is just too sanctimonious and full of herself for words. Spencer's true baby bro' David Vickers calms him down and Vikki is released, and Spencer is cuffed, and returned to Llanview PD custody.

i had thought the paternity storyline was going run a little longer. The quick resolution was a bit anti-climactic. i also think it would have made for an interesting storyline for the tests to show Asa was Spencer's pa. Think of the fun that could have been had---access to the Buchanan billions for attorneys etc. in Spencer's murder trial. Pushing Clint, Bo, and Kevin's buttons. It could have been an arc that went on for weeks. Of course it's possible that despite the precautions, Asa did have the tests altered. As David pointed out, his mother had nothing to lose by her deathbed confession to Spencer that Asa was his pa, and she had no motive to lie, since at the time he was not a multi-billionaire. Time and plotlines will tell.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Awake and Sing! General Hospital's Genie Francis is Back

GH fans rejoice! Laura Spencer has recovered from catatonia*. Thanks to a miracle pharmacutical administered by doctors Robin Scorpio and [hottie] Patrick Drake, Luke's beloved Laura has regained consciousness after being catatonic for 4 years. This comes as no surprize to me and i'm guessing no GH fan worthy of the title. i mean c'mon the fans have been clammoring for Genie Francis'
return since she semi-retired to live a normal life with her real-life hubby hottie Jonathan Frakes. Clearly she left with an open door policy, no dopes those GH PTB. Even the months of using a stretching credulity to the limit gimmick of a seen only from the back of her head stand-in, was patiently tolerated, only because it held the inevitable promise of Ms. Francis' triumphant return. Long suffering Luke can now be re-united with his Laura. Aside from the fact that the Luke & Laura story is a cottage industry, it's going to be wonderful to watch Genie play with gift from the muse Anthony Geary again. And bonus! a happy side effect to Laura's revival is some much missed screen time for Denise Alexander aka Laura's mom Leslie Webber, and Jacklyn Zeman aka Luke's sister/Nurse Bobbie. Remember them? [insert fan's sarcastic looks here].

O.K. there's a few sticky details for the star-crossed lovers to work out---aside from Laura having much more convalescing/acclimating to do, he and Laura were divorced when she 'went away'. Luke is currently legally married to Tracy "definitely will not be ignored" Quartermaine. Get the feeling she's not going to graciously step aside for L&L to stroll off into the sunset. And what of the trauma that caused Laura to take her mental vaycay in the first place---if she remembers too quickly that she done-in her step-dad doc Rick Webber, it could send her on a one way trip back to cat-land. The miracle drug is [you should excuse the expression] a one shot deal, no do-overs.

November 16th marks what would have been the Spencer's 25th wedding anniversary. ABC/CapCities-Disney/SOAPNET plan a month long promotional extravaganza for this story arc. They're probably not likely to let a minor detail like divorce stand in the way of a major blow-out party to mark the milestone. Rape scene flashbacks not withstanding [i never could reconcile that storyline], it should be fun.

Genie Francis Fans Bonus Video: Genie is interviewed about her life in Maine since leaving GH

*definition catatonic state, source: wikipedia