Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Awake and Sing! General Hospital's Genie Francis is Back

GH fans rejoice! Laura Spencer has recovered from catatonia*. Thanks to a miracle pharmacutical administered by doctors Robin Scorpio and [hottie] Patrick Drake, Luke's beloved Laura has regained consciousness after being catatonic for 4 years. This comes as no surprize to me and i'm guessing no GH fan worthy of the title. i mean c'mon the fans have been clammoring for Genie Francis'
return since she semi-retired to live a normal life with her real-life hubby hottie Jonathan Frakes. Clearly she left with an open door policy, no dopes those GH PTB. Even the months of using a stretching credulity to the limit gimmick of a seen only from the back of her head stand-in, was patiently tolerated, only because it held the inevitable promise of Ms. Francis' triumphant return. Long suffering Luke can now be re-united with his Laura. Aside from the fact that the Luke & Laura story is a cottage industry, it's going to be wonderful to watch Genie play with gift from the muse Anthony Geary again. And bonus! a happy side effect to Laura's revival is some much missed screen time for Denise Alexander aka Laura's mom Leslie Webber, and Jacklyn Zeman aka Luke's sister/Nurse Bobbie. Remember them? [insert fan's sarcastic looks here].

O.K. there's a few sticky details for the star-crossed lovers to work out---aside from Laura having much more convalescing/acclimating to do, he and Laura were divorced when she 'went away'. Luke is currently legally married to Tracy "definitely will not be ignored" Quartermaine. Get the feeling she's not going to graciously step aside for L&L to stroll off into the sunset. And what of the trauma that caused Laura to take her mental vaycay in the first place---if she remembers too quickly that she done-in her step-dad doc Rick Webber, it could send her on a one way trip back to cat-land. The miracle drug is [you should excuse the expression] a one shot deal, no do-overs.

November 16th marks what would have been the Spencer's 25th wedding anniversary. ABC/CapCities-Disney/SOAPNET plan a month long promotional extravaganza for this story arc. They're probably not likely to let a minor detail like divorce stand in the way of a major blow-out party to mark the milestone. Rape scene flashbacks not withstanding [i never could reconcile that storyline], it should be fun.

Genie Francis Fans Bonus Video: Genie is interviewed about her life in Maine since leaving GH

*definition catatonic state, source: wikipedia

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