Tuesday, January 30, 2007


One Life to Live's doctor Spencer Truman is dead. Murdered. The list of Llanview residents who wanted him done in is varied and long...so whodunnit?

Immediate circumstantial evidence all points to Rex Balsom. When LVPD commissioner Bo Buchanan and his right hand man detective Antonio Vega arrived at the crime scene, Rex is seen holding a pair of bloodstained scissors in his bare hand, standing over the doc's body. At the crime scene, Rex is questioned briefly [without benefit of legal council] and he is fingerprinted. That not withstanding Rex has not been told he is under arrest and to my recollection he was not mirandized. Even so i don't think it's a good idea to talk to the cops without a lawyer when you've been found over a dead body. Also Rex is a licensed PI, so why would he touch anything at a crime scene before the police arrived?

Prior to being bumped off, the menacing doctor murdered his attorney, drugged the guard who had been stationed outside his hospital room, and made his way to the hospital room where the object of his obsession, Blair Kramer was recuperating. Then he proceeded to drug Blair, and was about to sexually assault her, when he was stabbed multiple times with a scissors.

Visitors to this site know i like to theorize about characters doing what and why. So here's my theory as to which denizen of Llanview done the deed. Jack Manning. 'But he's just a little boy' i hear some of you saying. Yeah, a little boy who felt betrayed by doctor Truman. Publicly stated he hated him and wished him dead. The latex gloved silhouetted hand of the murderer was small, too small to be a man's or by my reckoning a woman's. Also even though his dad had already tucked him in for the night, he could have snuck out of the penthouse [something he and his sister Star have been known to do via the service entrance] to see his mother. Walking in and seeing his mother about to be assaulted by someone he hates---motive. He's at the hospital: scissors would be available---means. His mother's assailant was kneeling on a bed: that negates the height advantage an adult would have over a child---opportunity. Also if Rex witnessed the murder, it would be a natural inclination for him to want to protect Jack. He would not feel that he was endangering himself, since ultimately the evidence against him while strong is circumstantial.

That's my theory and i'm sticking to it. i'm going to miss doctor Truman though. Even though he was a monster, he was very easy on the eyes.

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