Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cambias Sr Is Satin Slayer [yawn]

"It would be so anti-climactic to end it this way, don't you think?" ...um, yeah. You wrote it [Megan McTavish and the rest of the AMC writing staff], not i.

i know it's difficult to consistently come up with attention sustaining plots and scripts. And fans can't and shouldn't expect storylines to always turn out the way they've speculated they will on the various and sundry message boards. But i think i can safely say that i am not the only AMC viewer/reviewer who is disappointed in the reveal of the Pine Valley Satin Slayer. Any number of suspects put forth by the fans imho was more plausible and more interesting than the thought to be 'late' Alexander Cambias Sr.

At least on Dallas' Bobby Ewing is in the shower and Pam was only having a bad dream plot, you could suspend your disbelief. i have no beef with the performance of the actor portraying Alexander, he is clearly skilled at his craft. But this MacGuffin has me mutterin' and cussin'.

Clearly the character is insane, but i couldn't help continuing to wonder aloud "why?" with regard to his motive for the slayings. i know, i know, he told his daughter-in-law Kendall, that it was to teach his son a lesson not to be so headstrong, but how could Zach know to be contrite when there was not even the most vague of clues that it was in fact his father who was the murderer.

This Cambias Sr. not having been mouldering in the grave bit [for me anyway, and again i can't help but feel i'm not alone in my ire] is not only insulting, it's well, the AMC writers said it first, "anti-climactic".

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