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Nip/Tuck: Season 5 Episode 1 Air Date(s)

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It's now official: Gary Levin of USATODAY reports from the Television Critics Association Tour, the start date for Nip/Tuck Season 5 is Tuesday October 23, 2007

i have two sources for the Nip/Tuck Season 5 episode 1 airdate. i was torn as to whether or not i should post either, both or neither. Because both sources are ones i trust, i decided to post the information i have, and if that information needs updating i will post as needed. lists Tuesday 10~23~07 as the Season 5 episode 1 airdate.

my other source is via a Nip/Tuck forum. It lists the Nip/Tuck Season 5 episode 1 airdate as Tuesday 10~30~07.

Meanwhile, i'll continue to scope out any info i can. Stay tuned...

Well kids, as you can see from the strikethroughs above, we have at last come full circle to accuracy. My source at Nip/Tuck Forum turned out to be correct---how could i have ever thought otherwise. We now have the absolutely final "official" word on the start date for Nip/Tuck season 5 from none other than it's creator Ryan Murphy: "It is officially now Oct. 30."

Come'n get it! FX' Promo for Nip/Tuck Season 5

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sookie's spoiler alert

Laura Saltman of Access Hollywood
On The New Set Of Nip/Tuck Access Hollywood's Laura Saltman Interviews Julian McMahon

Is it October Yet? Murphy has lots of nice surprizes {and a few naughty ones too ;-)}for Nip/Tuck fans

At FX’s TCA session, Murphy said, “I feel we did things that are now being copied elsewhere, which I take great pride in." With the drama about two randy plastic surgeons, Murphy said he has pushed boundaries and explored “things in our society that are a little bit taboo. We’ve always done that. We’ve always been upfront about it and we try not to be gratuitous about it.” “The show is still as sexy as it’s ever been,” he added.
~ Linda Moss -- Multichannel News

"I think we have to notch up our kink level a little bit" ~ Julian McMahon

"McMahon convinced the director to change a scene in which he was supposed to be doing push-ups in his underwear in his bathroom to exercising on the deck in the buff." ~ Maria Elena Fernandez L.A.TimesBlogs

© Reuters 2007 TCA Tour
"We wanted to explore the theme of L.A., which is people who come to this city as I did, come to sort of reinvent themselves and go after their dreams," creator Ryan Murphy said at the television critics press tour in Hollywood. The move from Miami will invigorate the series about plastic surgery and self-image. It will also change the balance of power between Dylan Walsh's Dr. Sean McNamara and Julian McMahon's Dr. Christian Troy, as they become small fish in a big pond. ~ Joel Brown MeeVee

Bradley Cooper and Oliver Platt as part of a "show-within-a-show" subplot that finds Christian and Sean being hired as medical consultants for a TV series about, what else, plastic surgeons.

Murphy describes the fictional "Hearts & Scalpels" as "the worst medical show that has ever been made. It is run by Oliver Platt, who plays me — in a weird way." Alias' Cooper plays the show's lead, "the world's biggest cad/plastic surgeon." (Sound familiar?) Murphy says the fictional show "is kind of like Nip/Tuck, and not. What happens is that it's so bad that they hire our guys to be the medical advisers, which is fun" and it allows Nip/Tuck to satirize itself. "The show has always been a satire, and I think moving it to L.A. [is] even more so."

~ TVGuide Editor's Blogs: Roush Dispatch

The lead characters' relationship is also being turned upside down. Sean, who has been in a mid-life crisis since adolescence, preceeded his partner west and is established and thriving. Christian, who is used to being the dominant personality in any setting, finds himself trying to start over in a challenging environment. "In Los Angeles, he's running against a bunch of people, who are doing things better than he does. They're just as charming and better looking." ~ Tom Jicha Sun-Sentinel TVPlus

© Reuters 2007 TCA
"I don't think this show is kinky enough so, I'm kind of trying to push for that kind of stuff consistently. For example, I did this thing yesterday that was scripted to do in my bathing suit---pushups in the bathroom---and then I answer a phone call; I decided to do them on the deck naked. I just want to push things further. I feel like when we started on the show, we were pretty explicit and out there, and it maintained that to a certain extent, but now I feel like we have to reinvigorate that a little bit. I think that all the characters have always had a fighting spirit inside of them. There's some fantastic places that we go to eventually, and there's some things that Christian does that go way beyond anything he's done on the show so far." ~ Julian McMahon [Nip/Tuck's Doctor Christian Troy] on Season 5

sookie Thanks C_J and Ahroyo for their assists on the TCA items XXXOOO

sookie's spoiler alert

Saturday 6~16~07:
"Season five picks up around six months after season four. Monday we start shooting...private rehearsal at 6:30 a.m. First scene up belongs to Sean and Christian. The first episode has so many guest stars it's insane. But not all of them are famous people. This year, I will be sprinkling in just really good actors (ala Mrs. Grubman and Escobar) so the show doesn't become The Love Boat."

"Also yesterday did a notes call for Episode Four of this year, which the network proclaimed the "most shocking" we've ever done. I was surprised at that. Nothing shocks me anymore, except bad manners. As for Kimber, she sinks to new lows, which is where I love her to be. There is nothing better than a Kimber/Christian scene in which he takes her to task for being a wanton woman."
~ Nip/Tuck creator, Ryan Murphy

Monday 6~18~07:
"Here's the writing and directing order of the first eight:
ONE: written by Ryan Murphy, Directed by Charlie Haid.
TWO: written by Ryan Murphy, Directed by Charlie Haid.
THREE: Written by Lyn Greene and Richard Levine, Directed by Richard Levine.
FOUR: Written by Jennifer Salt, Directed by Charlie Haid.
FIVE: Written and Directed by Sean Jablonski.
SIX: Written by Hank Chilton, Directed by Charlie Haid.
SEVEN: Written and Directed by Brad Falchuk.
EIGHT: Written by Lyn and Richard, Directed by Elodie Keene." ~ Nip/Tuck creator, Ryan Murphy

Season 5 Episode 2: Joyce and Sharon Monroe "HERE'S THE SCOOP: Joyce and Sharon Monroe are competing Marilyn Monroe impersonators (in no way related) who work outside Grauman's Chinese and make their living getting tips by acting out famous Mailyn Monroe moments. When one gets plastic surgery to out Marilyn the other, it's war...with Sean and Christian sexily caught in the middle..." ~ Nip/Tuck creator, Ryan Murphy

Bradley Cooper
Monday 6~18~07:
"Bradley Cooper shot his first scene today, and the cast and crew and the boys loved him. He is very funny and charming, and a great addition. Even though he and Julian play arch enemies in the show, they had a ball together, with much great ad libbing, which I always loved." ~ Nip/Tuck creator, Ryan Murphy

Saturday 6~23~07:
"Nurse Linda, the beloved one, appears in Episode One. She just followed the gang to LA, to roll her eyes and judge their exploits. Julia (Joely) returns full force in Episode Two, and from then on."

"Christian's bedroom this year is equally stunning. I think I mentioned the outdoor stainless steel hot-tub, but I think I neglected to mention his bedcovering this year is...fur (yes, of course it's fake. But it does have a delicious sexual caveman sex vibe to it)." ~ Nip/Tuck creator, Ryan Murphy

Tuesday 6~26~07:
"Just got back from a delightful dinner with Ms. Kelly Carlson, aka Miss Kimber. She is a delight, so nice and beautiful. I told her all about Kimber's shocking arc this year, and we had a ball planning it all out...down to the nail polish. During the dinner, I discovered we both are obsessed with the late, great Sharon Tate (actress and Manson victim), so you just know Kimber's look this year will be influenced by Sharon. Check her out in "Valley of the Dolls." Taken too soon." ~ Nip/Tuck creator, Ryan Murphy

Sunday: 7~15~07 "All I will say about Ms. Kimber is that a) the baby is really Matt's and b) it's turning into the greatest bitch part EVER. Kelly and I both love it." ~ Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy

Thursday: 7~19~07 Party At The Santa Monica Pier William Keck USAToday

Nip/Tuck's Kelly Carlson was there and said that next week she'll be shooting the new season's third episode, in which her character, Kimber, relocates to Los Angeles to join the docs. "There's kind of an emergency, and she and Matt are in big trouble," she teased. "It relates to a current epidemic in the United States right now."

Roma Maffia also relocates her character, lesbian nurse Liz, who will find a new hot lover to be played by a famous actress. "All I'm going to say is you're going to see some gams and some arm, baby," Maffia said with a laugh.

More Nip/Tuck S5 On-Set Goodies

Tuesday: 7~24~07[Arrrghhh!] i have an ever increasing love-hate feeling toward "mainstream" infotainment media i.e. E!News, and Access Hollywood. They usually have excellent video, but they do not make it easy to [you'll pardon the expression] access. i have the skills to decifer javascript, HTML, flash, etc. and i ALWAYS CREDIT MY SOURCES when availing myself to video, but the aforementioned gossip goliaths make it [no pun intended] virtually impossible to embed. To make matters more exasperating, when it becomes clear that embedding is not a possibility, the back-up strategy of giving a link to the page itself is frustrating at best and futile at worst, because the info on the page invariably is moved to a different URL, and often the search term that took you to the item(s) in question is invalidated as a result of the URL change. Anywho...E!News' The Vine had great N/T S5 on-set goodies. For what it's worth here's the URL E!News' The Vine Nip/Tuck Set Visit [please wait for E!'s sponsor's ad to run before the video loads]

In case that link has been moved, here's the alternate route: E!News Home When you get there, in the search box on the top right of the screen enter Nip/Tuck it will direct you to another page. When you get there under the videos heading click on E!News' Nip/Tuck Set Visit. You will not be taken directly to the video, you have to again enter Nip/Tuck in The Vine search box. Then scroll again to E!News' Nip/Tuck Set Visit.

Here are a few scans courtesy of one of my board admin buds at Thanks Sue, you're a doll.

sookie's spoiler alert

Wednesday 8~1~07:
"Answers to many questions:

1) The Villain. Yes, I said this. They are among my favorite to write. This year's villain is quite spectacular, and will first appear in episode three...and then in every episode on through 14. What she does is not to be believed. She will be the character you love to hate (shades of Ava...? And no, it's NOT Ava).

2) Sean will not be a baddie, nor will he change permanent places with Christian.

3) Just finished the editing of the first episode, and really love it. Some times I don't map out the entire season, which is good, I think. It lets you write and explore characters you thought would only be in one episode if they pop (like Escobar and Bobolit and Mrs. Grubman, for example). This season is pretty much mapped entirely out, because of the complex villainy involved of several people.

Hope that answered your questions! Keep em coming..." Nip/Tuck creator ~ Ryan Murphy

Thursday 8~16~07
"Scenes so far are said to be so explicit that even crew members used to the series' frequent sexual storylines have been shocked."
Well kids, this next spoiler is SOOOO JUICY, i am only giving the link to the source...don't say i didn't warn ya

Joely Richardson Reveals New Details Of Upcoming 'Nip/Tuck' Season

John Schneider

Ooooh Sexy Schneider Joining Nip/Tuck Cast

sookie's spoiler alert
Wednesday 9~5~07 "Much more of the family dynamic. Big stories for Annie and Wilber. Annie's story, in episode four, is particularly upsetting and heartbreaking, and yet Sean and Julia step up to the plate and, I think, parent correctly. Hurray for that!" ~ Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy

sookie's spoiler alert ends

A huge thank you to Avalon for permission to reprint excerpts from and a link to her exclusive Q & A of Nip/Tuck Music Supervisor PJ Bloom [from February 2007].


Q: You've done a great job making the music such a character on Nip/Tuck, has a song ever come to you that you've given to a writer, who then writes inspired by your music?

PJ: “That's a good question. I don't really write anymore, unfortunately. I do work a lot with composers to help them shape the score. That is often a collective effort where I help them work through creative hurdles. I'd like to write again. But using my own stuff in my shows feels a bit like a conflict of interest. But maybe it's not. Who knows?!”

Q: How do you prefer to "feel" the music: emotionally or physically?

PJ: “Emotion is always the trigger for me. That often leads to a physical reaction. I long to be moved by music and am constantly in awe of how it makes me feel.”

Q: How do you choose a song for a scene on Nip/Tuck?

PJ: “We’ve created an aesthetic for Nip/Tuck that speaks to a certain musical tone. That tone is the platform I jump from then everything else falls into place. Nip/Tuck also uses songs with a lot of tongue-in-cheek lyrics ala the surgery sequences.”

Q: Do you research what you think would be appropriate for a particular scene or does it come to you easily without having to research?

PJ: “I know the musical tone I’m looking for and the emotion I'm trying to elicit. I do have an encyclopedic knowledge of music but I still do research all the time.”

Q: I would like to ask PJ if he views the scene from Nip/Tuck before he chooses the music for it. Or if somebody just tells him what the scene is about before he chooses the music?

PJ: “I read scripts and story notes before an episode is even shot. I’m also in constant dialogue with the show's Producers. Ideally, we try to know what we’re doing as early as possible. But sometimes the greatness comes at the last minute.”

Q: Have any of the cast members contributed to selecting a particular song for an episode or scene? If so, who was it and what song did they choose and why?

PJ: “Not so much. The actors do their job; the music team does its job.”

Q: Hi, I love how the songs chosen for the scenes are so diverse. I was wondering if the character's themselves have an overall musical 'theme'? (e.g. Sean = classical music/country rock, Christian=80s new wave/southern rap)

PJ: “Nothing is necessarily set in stone, but... Sean likes the 80's and Christian likes the sexy, loungey, ultra cool stuff.”

Find Avalon's Exclusive Q & A of PJ Bloom in it's entirety here:

sookie's spoiler alert

Saturday 9~8~07 "Met today with the one and only...Phyllis Diller! Ms.Phyllis Diller
If you remember, Phyllis was the first celebrity to openly speak of her plastic surgery. She is a spitfire and I loved her! So much energy and optimism. We are writing several episodes for her as Magda, a rich 90-year-old Bel-Air lady who loves sexy young men. She doesn't have plastic surgery on the show...she forces her men to (so they look virile and sexy for her!)" ~ Ryan Murphy creator Nip/Tuck

Portia de Rossi
Wednesday 9~12~07 "Portia debuts in episode two of this season." ~ Ryan Murphy creator Nip/Tuck

In Nip/Tuck Season5 one of the women Sean falls for is temptress/femme-fatale Eden Lord, portrayed by Anna Lynne McCord.
Anna Lynne McCord

Saturday 9~15~07 "This season's villain makes her first appearance in Episode Three." ~ Ryan Murphy creator Nip/Tuck

Tuesday 9~17~07 "Good news, kids. The NEW season five promo featuring Dylan and Julian starts airing tonight during Damages. Enjoy!" ~ Ryan Murphy creator Nip/Tuck

sookie's spoiler alert

The following spoiler is shocking to say the least. Do not, i repeat, DO NOT! read the entry below dated Thursday 9~20~07 unless you are emotionally strong.

Thursday 9~20~07 "...a major character dies this season. Just wrote it. One of our most shocking scenes ever." ~ Ryan Murphy creator Nip/Tuck

sookie's spoiler alert ends

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HBO's Big Love

There was an old fellow of Lyme
Who lived with three wives at one time.
When asked, 'Why the third?'
He replied, 'One’s absurd,
and bigamy, sir, is a crime.'

limerick by William Cosmo Monkhouse

HBO's Big Love ~ The Henricksons
Having one of those 'where did the time go' moments. i had been intending to add HBO's Big Love to the In A Lather roster, and the next thing i know, they're not only into their second season, it concludes with it's 24th episode on Sunday August 26th 2007. That in essence is the beauty of the show. It has such an easy flow to it, that before you realize it, the episode you're watching has concluded, and subsequently brought you nearer to the conclusion of the season. Aside from the excellent scripts, production, and direction, the cast's portrayal of the characters rings extremely true. It's seductive without being vulgar. Because they get that it really is about family. An unconventional one, but family none the less, and all that that encompasses. Love, compromise, loyalty, and sometimes just trying to deal with some relatives you wish you didn't have to---Harry Dean Stanton, Grace Zabriskie, and Bruce Dern are terrific.

When interviewed about playing polygamist Bill Henrickson, Bill Paxton has made it clear that he is enjoying it, [and it shows].
bill henrickson-Bill Paxton

With his sexy boy next door manner, he is hard to resist. Which makes it all the more plausable that not only one but three women would say 'I do'. But the commitment these women make is not only to their husband, it is to each other. They refer to each other as "sister-wives". Again, the chemistry of the casting here is right on the mark. First wife barb henrickson-Jeanne Triplehorn
Barb [Jeanne Triplehorn] is like an older wiser sis you can go to for comfort and counsil. Second wife nicki henrickson-Chloe Sevigny
Nicollette [Chloe Sevigny] is willful, but you can't help but like her just the same. Third wife margene henrickson-Ginnifer Goodwin
Margene [Ginnifer Goodwin] is a bundle of enthusiastic energy. You just can't help but smile when you think of her. This is not to say these characters are without flaws. In fact it is when their flaws come to the fore, that you feel closer to them, and root for them to persevere and triumph. The music choices the production makes are great---Bob Dylan, The Edwin Hawkins Singers, Elton John, to name but a few. The Beach Boys "God Only Knows" is the show's theme song. i must confess it took me a while to concede that that was in fact a better choice than the tune i would have lobbied for, Fleetwood Mac's Big Love. The Beach Boys' lyric is more in keeping with the core values of the show. Drama though it may be, the show does have a lot of humor and anyone who has ever taken the "for better or worse" vow can certainly relate to what could be seen as the satiric meaning to the "God Only Knows" lyric. Get familiar with all the characters, catch-up on the storylines, view video, and find a lot of fun things [i.e. which Henrickson wife are you most like] at the official HBO Big Love site.

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Randolph Mantooth Joins One Life to Live Cast

One of the things i most enjoy about living on nyc's upper westside, is that on any given day there is the possibility [if only for the most fleeting of seconds] of crossing paths with an icon/celebrity. The other day as i was heading north on 76th and Broadway, whom should i pass heading south: none other than One Life to Live's newest castmember, Randolph Mantooth.

Ladies and gentlemen, i tell you, face to face he is just too dreamy [sigh]. Stepping off the curb, i was busy concentrating on oncoming traffic and too shy to say hello [also he appeared to be in a hurry]. But, when the opportunity to say hello presents itself again---and there is always that possibility, i'll try to be more courageous.

Mr. Mantooth is portraying
Kirk Harmon, father of Tate Harmon. And the same as with Tate, it is not immediately clear if Kirk is a good guy or a bad guy. i'm going to trust my instincts here and opt for good guy for Kirk, even though he is keeping a secret about his bad guy son.

6~21~07 Yes! my instincts about Tate Harmon being the OnePurePeople purp, were correct. It is difficult for me to maintain my categorization of his dad Kirk as a good guy. Kirk taking the rap for Tate is clearly an example of parental love knowing no boundries, but by doing so, Kirk is aiding and abetting an arsonist, terrorist, attempted murderer, and murderer in the 2nd degree. It's not easy to support those actions, even when you know they're motivated by love [parental or otherwise].

Commissioner Bo Buchanan, seems to be thinking that Kirk is covering for Tate, because whenever district attorney Nora has said that they got their man, Bo says nothing, but has a look on his face that says he's not so sure that that is so. i do have one bone of contention with the arraignment---why was Nora permitted to be the prosecuting attorney? As one of the victims of the OPP crimes, wouldn't she have to recuse herself from prosecuting the case? If not for the defendant pleading "no lo contendre", it seems that Nora as prosecutor would have led to the defense attorney calling for a mistrial. But, all in all this is a very meaty storyline. Good job OLTL scribes.

Dorian and Viki: The One Life to Live SuperCouple

Robin Strasser has said that whomever her character is paired up with, as far as she is concerned, Dorian and Viki are the SuperCouple of One Life to Live. i totally agree. Currently Viki's daughter Jessica needs a donor for a liver transplant. Viki is officially not eligible to be tested for donor viability because she is the recipient of a heart transplant. As any parent would be she is desperate to find a solution to this dilemma. She enlists Dorian's help in surreptitiously drawing her blood. The scene is indeed one of the finer moments for these characters.

Jess Confesses

Jess finally confessed to her long suffering *cuckcolded hubby Antonio. Poor Antonio. Poor Jess, poor Nash [yes i said poor Jess and Nash], but lucky lucky lucky One Life to Live Fans. For months newlywed Jessica has been having an affair with Nash, the father of the child she bore via her disassociative identity disorder alternate personality [whew! that is a mouthful isn't it] Tess. Weeks before the nuptuals, Nash and groom to be Antonio repeatedly asked Jess if she was certain that she was ready to be married, be a faithful wife to Antonio, and devoted mom to her biological child Bree [nee Brennan in honor of the child's biological dad's sirname] and stepmom to Antonio's biological daughter Jamie. Yes to all was her consistant reply. She was looking forward to the day to when she would be Mrs. Antonio Vega. She felt healthy, her personalities were integrated, goodbye Tess, and hello platonic shared custody parents only relationship with Nash. As the sayings go 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions' and 'the heart wants what the heart wants'---as if the burden of adultery were not enough on her plate, Tess' misdeeds have come back to haunt Jess in the form of Hepatitis C, which has rapidly escalated to inoperable liver cancer---the only hope of survival being a liver transplant.

For those of you who missed it, or are just in the mood for a replay of the confession, please click below.
Jess Confesses

*a very special thank you to Skatmeister at for providing SteelyDan's Everything You Did

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ExtraTV Invites America To Meet All My Children's Josh, Colin Egglesfield

For all you Josh fans, click below for a little nugget from ExtraTV and a chance to win a date with Colin

ExtraTV Invites America To Meet All My Children's Josh, Colin Egglesfield