Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Randolph Mantooth Joins One Life to Live Cast

One of the things i most enjoy about living on nyc's upper westside, is that on any given day there is the possibility [if only for the most fleeting of seconds] of crossing paths with an icon/celebrity. The other day as i was heading north on 76th and Broadway, whom should i pass heading south: none other than One Life to Live's newest castmember, Randolph Mantooth.

Ladies and gentlemen, i tell you, face to face he is just too dreamy [sigh]. Stepping off the curb, i was busy concentrating on oncoming traffic and too shy to say hello [also he appeared to be in a hurry]. But, when the opportunity to say hello presents itself again---and there is always that possibility, i'll try to be more courageous.

Mr. Mantooth is portraying
Kirk Harmon, father of Tate Harmon. And the same as with Tate, it is not immediately clear if Kirk is a good guy or a bad guy. i'm going to trust my instincts here and opt for good guy for Kirk, even though he is keeping a secret about his bad guy son.

6~21~07 Yes! my instincts about Tate Harmon being the OnePurePeople purp, were correct. It is difficult for me to maintain my categorization of his dad Kirk as a good guy. Kirk taking the rap for Tate is clearly an example of parental love knowing no boundries, but by doing so, Kirk is aiding and abetting an arsonist, terrorist, attempted murderer, and murderer in the 2nd degree. It's not easy to support those actions, even when you know they're motivated by love [parental or otherwise].

Commissioner Bo Buchanan, seems to be thinking that Kirk is covering for Tate, because whenever district attorney Nora has said that they got their man, Bo says nothing, but has a look on his face that says he's not so sure that that is so. i do have one bone of contention with the arraignment---why was Nora permitted to be the prosecuting attorney? As one of the victims of the OPP crimes, wouldn't she have to recuse herself from prosecuting the case? If not for the defendant pleading "no lo contendre", it seems that Nora as prosecutor would have led to the defense attorney calling for a mistrial. But, all in all this is a very meaty storyline. Good job OLTL scribes.

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