Tuesday, August 21, 2007

FX' Damages

Trust no one, and don't take things at face value. That is the crux of FX's latest hot property Damages. Makes perfect sense considering the main characters are high powered attorneys and corporate honchos. Stars Glenn Close and Ted Danson are the main draw for me. Also like my other FX fav Nip/Tuck, the music on the show is terrific. Damages has an Iggy Pop tune as the show's theme song!
ETA:Damages opening credit theme song is not by Iggy Pop. The band who do the song are TheVLA. Find the song and more about TheVLA at:
TheVLA: FX' Damages Theme Song

Ms.Close's Patty Hewes, world renowned litigator,

Glenn Close of FX' Damages

is deliciously vicious---she makes pirhana seem like angelfish. Mr.Danson [who btw gets more handsome with each passing year] portrays an Enronesque-type exec,

Ted Danson of FX' Damages

Arthur Frobisher, who's emotions seamlessly transition from docile to take no prisoners and then some. Oh yes, there's also a [human's] murder mystery to solve. The show has many twists which makes for fun roller-coaster pacing, though i have to say i was not fooled by who had murdered saffron the pooch, or the bogus firing of Hewes' associate Tom Shayes [Tate Donovan]. Perhaps that is because i've lived in NYC [where Damages is based] enough years to never take anything at face value ;-)

Damages airs Tuesdays at 10:00pm est [please check your local listings] on FX.

FX' Damages