Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh of FX' Nip/Tuck Are Interviewed By TVgasm's Nadine 'Nads' Rajabi

Many thanks to Fussel at Extraordinary Julian for the heads-up on a very entertaining interview with Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh

Julian, Nads, and Dylan
Nads: "You boys have packed your bags, office and moved your office to Beverly Hills this season, what can we expect from L.A.?"

Dylan: "In every season we have a villain and this season, the villain is L.A. There are so many different characters that come in and out of the show that L.A. is most definitely going to have a starring role this season as a character in itself."

Nads: "What will Sean be doing this season?"

Julian: "Of course shadowing me. lol"

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Anonymous said...

Back the fuck of my man bitch!!!!

sookietex said...

:-) anonymous i love your comment, you are too funny. don't be shy next time you stop by, please tell us your name.

sookietex said...

oh, anonymous, i forgot to ask, which of the 2 gorgeous guys is your man, dylan or julian? i like both boys, but i am a mcmahon woman until i draw my last breath ;-)

Anonymous said...

you can have them. they were both too tall for me! ;-) Nads

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