Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nip/Tuck Season 5 Episode 7 ~ Dr. Joshua Lee

Viewer Discretion Advised

Nip/Tuck Epi 5.07 had something for everyone:
Hot sex scenes: Eden and Sean

[Annalynne McCord and Dylan Walsh]

Hot shooting range scenes: Julia and Christian
[Joely Richardson and Julian McMahon]
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Heartbreak: Matt and Kimber
[John Hensley and Kelly Carlson]
This Screencap Image Courtesy

Terror: Julia and Olivia get carjacked

[Joely Richardson and Portia De Rossi]
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Hot Hearts N' Scalpels co-star: Aiden Stone
[Bradley Cooper]
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and for something completely different---an extra-terrestrial abductee survivor!: Dr.Joshua Lee
[George Coe]
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Once again PJ Bloom provided great tunes [my fav was Lil' Mama's Lipgloss].

Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy provides some juicy behind the scenes info on episode 5.07 Dr.Joshua Lee

Wednesday 12~12~07 1:19:22am
"It was a good one, yes?

Some fun tidbits for you guys. This was Brad Falchuk's directorial debut. And it was the most expensive, most difficult to shoot show of the year, other than the finale, so hats off to everyone. It took FOREVER to film, largely because of so much location work.

A good story for you. Brad was directing the scene with Christian and Matt in the hallway, where he throws him in the elevator. I watched a take or two and told Brad and Julian "Have Christian throw the cup of tea he's drinking at Matt." Julian and Brad liked the idea, they did it, but didn't tell John! So the reaction on John's face "what the fuck?!" was completely genuine, and John, being a pro, kept in character and that was the take we kept. I loved it, it was so very Christian.

I also so loved Kimber in this epi. I found that Rabbit Fur Coat song and played it for the writers in the room, so we built a make-over montage expressly for that song. Sometimes, that's how it works.

Also, hats off to Ms. Joely Richardson. She had the flu the night we shot that horrible woods abduction scene, but never wavered and gave it her all and I think both she and Portia were brilliant.

As for Bradley Cooper's camo briefs: his idea, I believe. Hilarious.

Glad you liked it.


Anonymous said...

hi an italian fan of nip/tuck..and im gone crazy cause im trying to find the songs of the scene where Sean and Eden are fucking like pigs in this episode....
plz help me..i found this blog trying to find that song..if u know the title please post another comment after mine....ill check this page sometimes in the next few days


sookietex said...

Buon giorno al mio amico anonimo dall'Italia. Grazie per l'arresto vicino e commentare.

[Isn't it wonderful to live in the 21st century---with a tap of a button on my trusty laptop, i'm speaking Italian :-)]...Anyway to answer your question, the song you are looking for is called "Lipgloss", and the artist's name is Lil' Momma. That tune is most definitely poppin'. i must give a special thank you for the information assist about the music to Avalon, assistant to Nip/Tuck's Music coordinator, PJ Bloom. They're the best!XXXOOO

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