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ABC's Daytime Dramas ~ sookie's favs

Robin Strasser[dorian] Tuc Watkins[david] Pamela Payton-Wright[addie] photo credit:ABC

Andrea Evans[tina] Bree Williamson[tess] photo credit:ABC

[Video's Transcript As Prepared For Post]

Hi i'm sookie. It's been a while since i weighed in with thoughts about All My Children, One Life To Live and General Hospital. hubby [aka tex] suggested doing vids. This is one of the reasons i love him---brains and beauty ;-)

To use the analogy of horse racing, right now for my money the finishing order for ABC's daytime dramas are: One Life To Live, "win", General Hospital, "place", and All My Children, "show". For those among you who are not offspring of railbirds [love you, miss you pop X], that would mean, imho, with regard to which is best; OLTL is #1, GH #2, and AMC #3.

Although as i'm thinking about their placement, in my mind, GH and AMC's positions are being flip flopped. The reasons being, the scripts, and my main soap pet peeves: the dumbing-down of characters, under utilization and/or elimination of popular characters, and 180 degree change in character's personality for no logical reason.

But for now let's stay focused on the positives. i love the choices OLTL is making. To begin with, how each ep now has an onscreen title. It makes the show more dramatic, more compelling, juicy. Also i have always thought their lighting crew does the best of any. No matter the shot, or the environment in which the action is taking place, it looks exactly like what it should and at it's most flattering.

i'm a few weeks behind in viewing so i haven't actually seen the eps with the fabulous Andrea Evans, but it's so great that she has returned. All the OLTL storylines have been very entertaining. Addie Cramer lucid and adventurous---just terrific. And even though Dorian's behavior has been infuriating, Robin Strasser's performance has been deliciously wicked. Also Tuc Watkins' David Vickers as far as i am concerned, can do no wrong. i can't wait 'til i get to the ep where he finds out he is the Buchanan heir.

Yea! Tess is back...too bad it took Nash croaking for that to happen, especially since it was she, and not Jessica that Nash truly fell in love with. But i gotta say the fight scene that resulted in his demise was spectacular. i loved the scene in grieving Jessica's bedroom when she let Natalie have it with both barrels---in effect, 'we may be sisters by blood, but right now, i don't know you, i don't want to know you, you are banned from my and my kid's lives---period!'

Oh the tyranny of the clock. i will sum up for now and say currently my fav OLTL storylines are ALL of them, which is why they are winners.

More later on OLTL, GH, AMC and oh yeah, The Daytime Emmys.

'til next time...ciao

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