Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dexter Returns For 3rd Season Sunday September 28, 2008 On Showtime

Michael C. Hall as Dexter [image composite by sookietex]

Showtime's Dexter, "America's favorite serial killer" returns for a 3rd season Sunday September 28th 9:00pm est. Yea! This is one of my fav shows. In the interest of full disclosure i should say i was a little disappointed when Sgt. Doakes was bumped off in season 2. Doakes was portrayed by Erik King, whom i knew several decades ago when we were mates in high school in DC. Such a fun, mellow and sweet guy---the antithesis of Doakes. Anyway, Dexter does have interesting things in store for season 3. Jimmy Smits has been added to the cast as Assistant D.A. Miguel Prado.

Also on the Showtime Dexter website, there are all sorts of cool things to check out. My favs are the flash page of faux magazines with Dexter as the cover boy, videos from the previous seasons, teasers of season 3, and the Dexter psychotherapy inkblot test that lets the fans gauge their killer instinct.

i liked the inkblot [hubby and i took the test], but i do have one problem with it. The test only gives 4 blots to the test, eliminating the one that is shown on the entry page, which happens to be the one that i found most interesting. Granted this is purely for entertainment purposes, but i think it was a mistake to eliminate that first image from the test. hubby thought that image looked like a shield with a heraldry symbol in the center---i thought it looked like a bloody heart stabbed in the middle. Which is another reason why i think that image should have been included in the test.

Anyway based on the 4 blots that were part of the test, hubby's killer instinct was 21%, diagnosis: "Your responses indicate you are trying your very hardest to cover up deep rooted pyschotic tendencies. But you can't fool everyone forever." my results were 36% killer instinct, diagnosis: "Your responses indicate that you are the kind of person who doesn't generally have violent thoughts. But you're only young, there's still time."

Boy if they only knew :-)

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