Monday, July 28, 2008

Follow-Up: Extravaganza For The Senses Saban Clinic Benefit

A few weeks ago i posted about the charity event Extravaganza For The Senses, to benefit the Saban Free Clinic. Fox Studio's lot was the venue, and Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon was promoted as the celebrity co-chair.

Fox Studios

i put out a few feelers to try to find out how successful the event was, i.e. the amount of funds raised for the Saban Free Clinic, were there celebs other than Mr.McMahon in attendance, how was the food, and drink, etc. The clinic did post a thank you on their site to "everyone for making the Extravaganza For The Senses such a big success!". Nice and appreciated, but not specific. Unfortunately, my e-correspondence with the Saban did not receive a response, and my search of mainstream media sources yielded no information on those points. But i'm not halting my search, because this is an important and worthy cause. Somewhere, someone has those stats, and they will eventually surface, of this i am sure.

Meanwhile, some of my internet friends who attended the event have provided me with some tidbits. This is the 5th year wine and culinary enthusiast, notsoquiet, attended the event. Even though she was among the VIP guests, she is not a celeb watcher, so by her own reckoning she most likely wouldn't have recognized any who were/may have been there if they had tripped over her. None the less i very much enjoyed her re-cap. Find it here: Mad Mary's Musings on Wine & Food

Another friend who won tickets to the event and is a celeb watcher saw no sign of Mr.McMahon, and after searching diligently, could not confirm his presence. i was not at this event, but i have been at others where i did see him with my own eyes, and even when there were crowds numbering in the thousands, his presence is phenomenally compelling. So believe me when i tell you if he and valerie were within a mile of each other's periphery, she would have known. i'm speculating he may have arrived and departed The Extravaganza before her arrival.

Another help to me, also volunteered at the event. Lawrence Chowfun and Sophia McRae of sent me this pic of them and actress Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu [center in black] and friends at Extravaganza For The Senses 2008

Last but not least, Kevin Cheng of LAist provided some great pics of the vender's wares---my fav is Big Sugar BakeShop's cupcakes---don't they look yummy!

Big Sugar Bakeshop Cupcakes

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