Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Life To Live and General Hospital ~ What Works For Me {and what doesn't}

One Life To Live: Hillary B. Smith [nora] Brandon Buddy [cole] Kathie Brier [marci]

[Transcript As Prepared For Post]

Going over some bulletpoints:

OLTL: Cole, if you want to win custody of your child, RUN, do not walk to any attorney other than Nora. A good alternative---Todd's current lawyer springs to mind. Nora has a history of being a sabateur of her own cases [remember a few years back when she admitted to deliberately throwing a case when she was a defense attorney, and Todd was her client]. Besides which, during her conversations with Cole, she's already admitted that she thinks that whatever decision Starr makes, he should just walk away, and let Starr have the final say.
How this woman ever rose to the rank of District Attorney is beyond me. She constantly has conflicts of interest with whichever case she's involved, and in terms of a win/loss ratio, she does not have a stellar track record.

Marci as volunteer at Llanview Hospital's pediatric ward. There's a negligence lawsuit waiting to happen. An emotionally unstable person with a history of being a gun wielding kidnapper. Also when she taught at the local highschool she had a penchant for blackmail and threats to get her students to perform in a musical that was more important to her than any of the students or school admin. Yeah, that's just the type of person you want to see unsupervised with kids and newborns.

Moving on to GH: i love Maxi. Her cute short haircut. Her cute mini-skirts, her always flawless make-up, and pretty much all the fashion choices wardrobe and make-up have made for the character. They hit the bullseye everytime. i love that she continues to fiercely defend her sib, [poor dead Georgie], and is constantly sticking it to Lulu. i know that as of the date of this posting she and Lulu are closer to being allies than enemies, because of Logan, but i have not seen the ep that precipitates that alliance, so for now i'm enjoying the rivalry.

Speaking of fashion divas, consigliere Diane, is another of my GH favs, literally from head to toe. And i think she and Corinthos bodyguard Max are a perfect match. Also she makes scenes with Alexis more palatable. It's not that i dislike Nancy Lee Grahn's work, i think she does a terrific job, i just cannot stand the character Alexis. No, let me ammend that statement. It's not that i can't stand her. It's just that Alexis' neurosis exhaust me. It's actually Robin Scorpio that i absolutely cannot stand. [again i have no beef with her portrayer Kimberly McCullough]. Robin has always been a holier than thou personality, and maternity has only served to amplify that trait. Couple that with her constant male bashing of the father-to-be of her child, and men in general---it's very one dimensional, and gets old rapidly. Scripters, please please please, give this character something more fun, interesting and less hostile to do.


oltlviewer said...

Loved reading your thoughts - especially since they are so close to mine! No matter what though, I still can't help watching the show daily, even on days when I don't agree with their storyline.

sookietex said...

Hi oltlviewer, thank you so much for stopping by, the link you provided and your kind words. Like you, i really do enjoy OLTL, even when i don't agree with the storylines. For me that's part of the fun, when i'm yelling at the tv screen and then later posting my thoughts here. :-)

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