Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pam: Girl On The Loose

Visitors to In A Lather know that i am not a big reality show fan, but that i did enjoy watching George Foreman's TVLand reality show Family Foreman. Well i have a new reality show to add to my list. It's the E! channel's Pam: Girl On The Loose. And if you're asking 'Pam who?' you're clearly not a student of pop culture. Of course Pam, is Pam Anderson. Although Ms. Anderson does not refer to her program as a reality show, but rather a documentary. i figure, it's her show, she can quantify it how ever she prefers---but i say if it looks like a duck...
i have always liked Pam. What i like most about her is that she's very girly, and revels in the fact that she very much enjoys being sensual and sexual. i like that she is a very good mother and has made it clear that her children are incidental to the show, that is to say she wants to protect their privacy as much as possible. Some celebs with minor children have been chastised for putting their kids in the limelight as part and parcel of their [the parents] celebrity status. Every family's choice has to suit what works best for them, in front of as well as away from the cameras. For example i think it would have been a bit silly for the Family Foreman show to have said they were not going to film their minor child, because the primary premise of that show is their children and the family unit as a whole. Whereas with Pam: Girl On The Loose, the focus is primarily on Pam Anderson, Sexy Icon who also happens to be a mom.

Thanks to the folks at E! and hulu for the clips of Pam: Girl On The Loose.

hulu & E! Present

Pam: Girl On The Loose

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