Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TVLand ~ George Foreman, Family Foreman

[Transcript As Prepared For Post]

i've never been a fan of reality shows. Nothing against them per se, they're just not my cup of tea. As i've said before, everyone has their own tastes, and reality shows just don't happen to appeal to me. In fact, other than the 1970's PBS phenomenon "An American Family", i have not sought out such programming, much less watched a reality program from beginning to end. O.K., i have seen some of the eps of Fox' American Idol, but i've never phoned in a vote, and not watched all contestants for all seasons. A while back when i was visiting a relative and the only channel her set could get [the cable was out] was the one airing Big Brother, i caught a couple of those eps, but, like i said, not for me. But recently i find myself drawn to TVLand's Family Foreman series. How could i not like it. It features Olympic gold medal winner and 2 time heavy weight boxing champ George Foreman---one of the most charismatic sports figures and world renowned entrepreneur. Also he's a Texan. As anyone who's visited this site knows, i'm married to a Texan, so that demographic automatically gets a high rating in our household. But the thing i like best about the Family Foreman series, is that it puts the "real" in reality. It has a sincerity that i find for the most part, lacking in the genre. Also it's nice to see a reality show that delivers exactly what it's advertised as being. It's wholesome, and while some may find that description boring, to me it's not a pejorative. Family Foreman's finale episode airs Wednesday 8~20~08 [please check your local listings for times], but this being a TVLand program, there are bound to be many opportunities for anyone who may have missed the first run airings to see all eps. Treat yourself to it, you'll be real glad you did.


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