Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nip/Tuck ~ Scar and Karma Season 6 Spots Have Arrived

Goodness me, in the last 24 hours so many sources have fed me so many Nip/Tuck items it feels like Thanksgiving in September. Before i share the bounty, i have to address a beef i have with some of the reportage of the mainstream press. Season 6 is not, repeat NOT the final Nip/Tuck season. i didn't think it needed clarification after FX pres John Landgraf and Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy had stated it weeks ago, but apparently not everyone is receiving the message. So for those who are having trouble with reading retention and comprehension i will reiterate: Nip/Tuck is contracted to run on FX until the year 2011. That's 3 years from now, which means that the final season will be their 8th [eighth] not the 6th [sixth]. O.K. mainstream---Get it? Got it? Good!

And now on to our feast. The reps of the thesps who portray of our favorite plastic surgeons are working on getting them a pay raise. $250,000.00* each, per ep, is what they are reckoning to be fair compensation for FX to provide Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon. me, i say they are worth every penny of that amount and then some. Also, purportedly Mr.McMahon was a no-show last week for a set wardrobe call. True or not [i have not been able to confirm] since the Nip/Tuck scripts often require him to appear au naturel, that hardly seems problematic ;-). In all seriousness if he did not arrive on-set, i'm guessing it was due to a legitimate reason and not some kind of gamesmanship to force FX' hand for the higher salary.

As of 9~30~08 the amount per Nip/Tuck episode Mr.McMahon and Mr.Walsh's representatives are negotiating for is purportedly $310,000.00 each. i still say, worth every penny.

In other Nip/Tuck news, per a Michael Ausiello exclusive, Katee Sackhoff has bailed and Rose McGowan is slipping on the latex gloves.

[The server for the EW video announcing Rose McGowan as an addition to the cast of Nip/Tuck has unfortunately proven to be balky, so until it's bandwidth and other issues are resolved it has been removed from this post.]

Of course the items i am most thankful for are the coveted season 6 spots. They are titled Scar and Karma. Each are a total running time of :32 seconds. Check them out below.

FX has created an extended version of the Nip/Tuck Season 6 Karma Promo, Running time :62seconds

Thank you to hadiaulia my newest YouTube friend

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dexter Returns For 3rd Season Sunday September 28, 2008 On Showtime

Michael C. Hall as Dexter [image composite by sookietex]

Showtime's Dexter, "America's favorite serial killer" returns for a 3rd season Sunday September 28th 9:00pm est. Yea! This is one of my fav shows. In the interest of full disclosure i should say i was a little disappointed when Sgt. Doakes was bumped off in season 2. Doakes was portrayed by Erik King, whom i knew several decades ago when we were mates in high school in DC. Such a fun, mellow and sweet guy---the antithesis of Doakes. Anyway, Dexter does have interesting things in store for season 3. Jimmy Smits has been added to the cast as Assistant D.A. Miguel Prado.

Also on the Showtime Dexter website, there are all sorts of cool things to check out. My favs are the flash page of faux magazines with Dexter as the cover boy, videos from the previous seasons, teasers of season 3, and the Dexter psychotherapy inkblot test that lets the fans gauge their killer instinct.

i liked the inkblot [hubby and i took the test], but i do have one problem with it. The test only gives 4 blots to the test, eliminating the one that is shown on the entry page, which happens to be the one that i found most interesting. Granted this is purely for entertainment purposes, but i think it was a mistake to eliminate that first image from the test. hubby thought that image looked like a shield with a heraldry symbol in the center---i thought it looked like a bloody heart stabbed in the middle. Which is another reason why i think that image should have been included in the test.

Anyway based on the 4 blots that were part of the test, hubby's killer instinct was 21%, diagnosis: "Your responses indicate you are trying your very hardest to cover up deep rooted pyschotic tendencies. But you can't fool everyone forever." my results were 36% killer instinct, diagnosis: "Your responses indicate that you are the kind of person who doesn't generally have violent thoughts. But you're only young, there's still time."

Boy if they only knew :-)

Dexter's Red FountainsDexter Season 2 TrailerDexter Behind The ScenesDexter Season 3 Trailer

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Nip/Tuck Season 5 Re-Run Schedule

As i said in my most recent Nip/Tuck update, FX flipped the script on us regarding the anticipated airing of the Season 6 spots---thus far they have not, and i don't know when they will. i have put a few feelers out to obtain information as to when that event will occur...meantime [and this is a definite] FX will re-run Nip/Tuck season 5 beginning Sunday 9~21~08 at 12:30a.m. Thanks to McMahoniacs admin Ally and Zap2IT for the heads-up on the re-run date and time.

Pssst! Come closer, i have a little secret to tell you. If you, like me, can't wait until September 21st,
has all 14 eps of Nip/Tuck season 5, with limited commercials. i've been indulging myself there for the past few weeks.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Nip/Tuck Season 6 Spots Premiere This Week 9~2~08


Well kids, i guess FX flipped the script on us. i had every expectation that the spots for Nip/Tuck's Season 6 would air last night during The Shield. But no-go. i'm guessing the reason the Nip/Tuck spots got scrubbed, is since the network's newest addition to their line-up, Sons Of Anarchy premieres tonight [Wednesday 9~3~08] a change was made to instead promote that show during The Shield. Perhaps we'll get the Nip/Tuck Season 6 spots tonight during Sons Of Anarchy. Fingers crossed.

VCR ALERT! [o.k. busted, yes i am old school]. Tivo ALERT! By whatever means you work it, make sure you have your recording devices cued up and ready during FX's premiere week for The Shield, Tuesday September 2, 2008 [please check your local listings for specific air times].

Thank you
for the heads-up, Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy.

Hey kids --

Just want to give you the first heads up: FX will be running TWO brand spanking new spots on Nip/Tuck during the first week of September during the premiere week of The Shield. Watch them, they are fantastic.

The spots showcase clips from the season we just shot and finished editing, which premieres in January. The clips (teasingly) tell you what happened to Sean after Colleen Rose stabbed him, Christian's future, and a sneak peak at many of our great upcoming envelope-pushing patients.

The wait is over: next week, you will all get a glimpse of the new season of Nip/Tuck. The marketing song of the season, by the way, is "Flashing Lights" by Mr. K. West himself. I love the glamour and menace and intrigue of the new teaser spots, and look forward to your thoughts.

Poor Sean in a casket...