Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Battlestar Galactica ~ Colossal Ratings For Season 4 Episode 22, Series Finale, Daybreak {Part 2}

Did fans enjoy Battlestar Galactica series' finale? Abso-frackin-lutely, so say we all! 4th season episode 22 and series finale, Daybreak {part 2} pulled in 2.4 million viewers. That's a 56% jump from the 3rd season's final ratings 2 years ago.

Even though i hate it when a show i really feel connected to ends, Battlestar producers Ronald D. Moore, David Eick and crew made this a painless goodbye. Again the script, performances and direction were flawless, and the visuals were perfection. So often when the objective of a show is to take the viewer to a different reality or representation of the future it can miss the mark because it goes a step too far or not far enough. Not so with Battlestar, it was just right.

i especially enjoyed the scenes on the Great Plains. Despite some commenters who thought otherwise, i didn't think it was "stupid" when Kara vanished. For me the device was plausible. And when Gaius was telling Six that he "knew a bit about farming" it set me to weeping. The moment was just so pure, and he was so vulnerable. Even now i get a little ferklempt at the thought. And the scenes in Times Square, i thought not only a perfect visualization of future NYC, but when Six said she was proud of Gaius, and had always wanted to be, i think she spoke for the fans as well.

As satisfying as the finale was, for those who are not quite ready to let go, David Eick's final video blogs are the best coping mechanism i can recommend. It was a very happy surprise when i went to SciFi.com and found 13 nuggets of remembrances and behind the scenes goodies [find the link in the text of this post]. i haven't had the chance to watch all 13 yet because i couldn't wait to share the ratings news with everyone, but so far my favorite vids there are "Do you believe in angels?", "How will it be remembered?", and "Reflections".

Well done Battlestar Galactica, well done.

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