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Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 4 School Nurse

Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 4 School Nurse

O.K. what is the deal with Nurse Jackie and pharmacist Eddie? Is she having sex with him because she is genuinely attracted to him or is it just to score drugs? Is Eddie having sex with Jackie because he's gotta have her or is he only thinking he's got a sure and steady thing with her as long as she needs a sure and steady percodan supply? Don't get me wrong, i'm no prude, although i am upset with Jackie for cheating on her husband Kevin, who by all indications is a good man, father, and provider. i understand the heart wants what the heart wants, i just can't figure why Jackie's heart is wanting given that she has a good and again by all indications faithful man waiting for her at home. And since Eddie doesn't know Jackie has a husband and 2 count them 2 children it's hard to fault him for sleeping with her. Even if he did know, he's not the one who took vows. i don't know, i guess i'm just trying to figure why they hooked up and where their relationship is leading. If the hospital installs the Pyxis dispenser Pyxis®Medstation2000 will they continue to have nooners or will they end it? Although since Jackie has invested in a 2nd cell, i guess she's planning to continue to shtup Eddie. i must admit i found the bit Jackie does with the phones to be really funny. Edie Falco has great comedic timing. Kevin and Eddie call Jackie at the same time, she's holding a phone in each hand and says simultaneously into both receivers "can't talk now, love you" and hangs up before either caller can respond.

And as well as Ms.Falco and cast can make you laugh, they can choke you up too. Dr.Cooper who at first view, you right off as a complete doofus shows a very tender and competent bedside manner with an elderly patient. A few scenes later that patient dies. Student nurse Zoey takes it hard, and Jackie consoles her by saying "everybody has a first---it's never easy---and if it does become easy it's time to quit".

Equally moving are a moment between nurse Momo and Zoey. A 5yr old boy is being treated for injuries after falling from playground equipment. The boy is a twin and Momo reveals that he had a twin who died when he was a year old.

Another scene i enjoyed was when Jackie and Kevin meet with their 10 yr old daughter Grace's school nurse, teacher and school district shrink. The concern is that the child has "generalized anxiety disorder". As they're looking at one of Grace's drawings the first thing i noticed was that even though the work is well executed, there is no color. i figured that was what triggered the scholastic concern. i was right. my hubby quipped "hey maybe the kid only had a pencil and no color crayons". i agree with Grace's parents that their child does not need to be medicated. i like the stance Jackie took on that issue.

For anyone who may have missed Nurse Jackie's first 4 eps, or you just want to watch them again, Showtime is airing a marathon on Saturday July 4, 2009 at 8:00pm Nurse Jackie's 5th episode of season 1 will air on Monday July 6, 2009. [Please check your local listings].

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Burn Notice Season 3 Episode 1 Friends And Family

Burn Notice Friends And Family, Anwar_Donovan_Campbell_GTO

Burn Notice Season 3 Episode 1 Friends And Family

i'm 2 seasons late to the Burn Notice party. i regret missing Tricia Helfer. Burn Notice Tricia Helfer Her character Carla was killed in the 2nd season finale. Fortunately for me the USAnetwork and imdb have full-length eps on line. My preference is the imdb site: better quality video from Hulu and more eps available.

Another lucky thing for others like myself who have just discovered Burn Notice is the way the show plays out---a lot of backstory is given via voice-over narrative from the main character---which makes it easy to get caught up with the characters and the current action. Also after watching the Friends And Family ep on-line, i discovered that the USAnetwork will re-televise the first season's pilot episode at 1:34am on Wednesday June 24, 2009. Firing up the vcr for that one.

A burned spy is one who has been made a non-person. Assets frozen, no social security #, or other I.D.

Burn Notice John Mahoney

Fired from the spy game and deemed unreliable. In the Friends And Family ep, burned spy Michael Westen [played by hottie Jeffrey Donovan] Burn Notice Jeffrey Donovan is in a helicopter high above his native Miami Florida. He's in a meeting with one of his former bosses aka Management played by John Mahoney.

This being a show about spies, when the meeting concludes, the helicopter doesn't land, instead Michael, wearing a very nice dove grey suit, jumps out, without a parachute, into the Atlantic and swims 5 miles to shore.

i would describe Burn Notice as an action dramedy that's part McGuiver, part A-Team, part Miami Vice. Burn Notice, Sharon GlessSharon Gless as Madeline Westen, Michael's mother is the perfect archetype. Even if you're not a spy, i defy anyone to say they do not recognize their own relationship with their mother in the dynamic that happens between Michael and his mother. Marion knows where all Michael's buttons are, and when and how to push them. They are devoted to each other.

Gabrielle Anwar Burn Notice Gabrielle Anwar as

Fiona Glenanne is a former member of the IRA and Michael's former girlfriend. Though they're no longer a couple, she and Michael still care for each other and she's working with him to help figure out who burned him and why.

Burn Notice Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell [a fav of mine] as Sam Axe, is a former Navy Seal, and a semi-retired special ops man who's also a double-agent, and FBI informant who had ratted Michael out, but is also an old friend who's since offered to help Michael. Sam romances wealthy Miami matrons in exchange for classic cars, shelter, food, and other essentials.

In addition to jumping out of a helicopter without a chute, in the Friends And Family ep, Michael is pursued by the local police, jailed, and upon his release has his shoulder dislocated by a mob boss' muscle, is shot at, several times, punched several times and betrayed and held captive by another former spy buddy. But no worries, no matter how many times this burned spy is in the frying pan, he adeptly escapes the fire. Burn Notice airs Thursdays at 9:00pm on the USAnetwork [please check your local listings].

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TrueBlood Season 2 Premiere Episode 1 Nothing But The Blood

HBO TrueBlood_images sookietex' Hurts So Good Banner

Hot horrifying and humorous---Yea!, HBO's TrueBlood has returned for a second season, and so has fan fav Lafayette. At the conclusion of season 1, some fans were fretting that the corpse in detective Andy's car in Merlotte's parking lot was Tara's cousin Lafayette. i never thought for a minute that the show had killed him off. Even though HBO's promos for TrueBlood season 2 did not mention the character, and he is equally not present in the subsequent Charlaine Harris books upon which the show is based, Lafayette and his portrayer Nelsan Ellis are just too popular with television viewers to be so quickly abandoned.

Even though Lafayette Nelsan Ellis True Blood's Lafayette is still with us he is not safe. He has been kidnapped and is being held prisoner by elder vamp

Eric Alexander Skarsgard True Blood's Eric with several other hapless citizens of Bon Temps Louisiana. But i have a feeling Lafayette is going to come out of this alive and well.

i like how TrueBlood seamlessly injects and tweaks real life societal issues and icons into their scripts. Tell me that the characters Reverend Steve Newlin and his Mrs. Sarah, are not winking at real life Reverend Joel and Mrs.Victoria Osteen. i am enjoying all the True Blood characters, and of the supporting cast i particularly like female deputy Kenya. i'm hoping in the ensuing episodes she is given more screen time and is added to HBO's TrueBlood site which gives character/actor breakdowns---she is currently not listed, an oversight i hope is soon corrected. Meanwhile i will be content with the expanding friendship between Maryann and Tara. i love that Maryann told Tara's mom exactly what she thinks of her. i sense much drama for these ladies' futures.

Props to TrueBlood's producers on their music choices---keeping Jace Everett's "I Want To Do Bad Things With You" as the show's theme song, Bob Dylan's Beyond Here Lies Nothing for the promos for season 2, and Randy Travis warbling
Nothing But The Blood [of Jesus]

in the second season's first ep. Props to Nothing But The Blood scripter Alexander Woo---all the characters voices are right, particularly Bill's. Bill's vocabulary is accented with just enough by-gone era speech; "slattern" "whilst" and the like, to convey that he is of another century, while maintaining a modern feel. Vamp Bill has his hands full being guardian to adolescent Jessica. i love all their scenes, especially the one where he is instructing her about recycling glass and paper and other rules "whilst in his home". In season 1, Eric ordered Bill to glamour, bite, and drain Jessica, as punishment for killing a brother vampire. The vampire he killed was going to kill Sookie. In season 2 Bill and Sookie are a full fledged couple. A case of art imitating life---Ms.Paquin and Mr.Moyer announced in February of this year that they are a couple off-screen. Some [reviewers] have said it makes them feel voyeuristic watching their love scenes...me, it only adds to the passion---i love it.

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin True Blood's Bill and Sookie

[A reminder to those who are viewing this post at YouTube, please click the link to In A Lather to view clips of TrueBlood promos, a fan Q & A for Stephen Moyer and hear the Randy Travis mp3]

HBO's True Blood airs Sundays at 9:00pm Please check your local listings.

TrueBlood The Fan Q&A Session For Bill [Stephen Moyer]

TrueBlood Season2 Trailer: Ready For Seconds?

TrueBlood Season 2 Trailer Featuring Bob Dylan's Beyond Here Lies Nothing

TrueBlood Season 2 Jason And The Fellowship Of The Sun: Out Of The Darkness Into The Light

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Nip/Tuck Season 6 Premiere Episode 1 Season 7 Series Finale

Nip/Tuck Season 6 Premiere Episode 1 Season 7 Series Finale.

Like the headline reads, we are straying from In A Lather's norm, and this post will be packed with spoilers. So, if you ya don't wanna know, now's the time to go [we'll see you next time]...

OMG! So much good news Nip/Tuck fans, so much good news.

All you Famke Janssen fans rejoice, rejoice.
Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed the return of Ava Moore.

"Hi kids.
Just finished the last N/t script today...the 100th episode. The end. Very strange.
But I thought I would confirm something here on the forum, since you've all been so great and loyal: Ava Moore (Famke!) returns for the final two episodes.

Now of course since Mr.Murphy has said that Famke returns for the "final two episodes", this means we must wait 2 years, until 2011, when Nip/Tuck's 7th and final season is scheduled to air, to see what Ava's been up to, and what if any havoc she'll wreak. But it is welcome news and a relief to Ms.Janssen's fans to know she is returning.

Thanks to annee, B.Bay, Cheri, and Sue at McMahoniacs for steering me toward the terrific pics and video of Kelly Carlson and Julian McMahon at the Nip/Tuck Season 6 shoot in Malibu. People, we are talkin' smokin' 'bout to bring the pacific to a rolling boil HOT!

x17video.com WYWSVideo On The Set Of Nip/Tuck

Last but not least we have Thud warning worthy pics of Julian on set sporting one of my fav colors.

And an update on the movie The Smell Of Apples. Based on the Mark Behr book---yes, finally we have a shooting start date. Julian and his co-star Gillian Anderson begin shooting The Smell Of Apples at the end of June 2009. This coincides with the wrapping of shooting Nip/Tuck.

So, there you have it kids, the sweet with the bitter. Ryan Murphy has completed Nip/Tuck's 100th and final script. Julian McMahon completes his Nip/Tuck shooting commitment at the end of June 2009 and begins shooting the movie The Smell Of Apples. Famke Janssen's Ava Moore will return to Nip/Tuck at the series/season finale airing in 2yrs in 2011.

For those who are viewing this post at YouTube, check out the link to In A Lather for a sampling of the Nip/Tuck pics and video. 'til next time...

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Breaking Bad Season 2 Finale Episode 13: ABQ

Breaking Bad Sneak Peek:S2Ep13 ABQ

Breaking Bad Season 2 Finale Episode 13 Video Recap

Inside Breaking Bad:What's In A Name? Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan Reveals The Meaning Of The Episode Titles In Season 2

In an earlier post about Breaking Bad, i'd mentioned that the show doesn't sugar coat the world of meth and it's fallout. Boy was that assessment ever proven accurate in the season 2 finale, ep 13:ABQ.

i'm pretty much going to thumbnail my take on this ep because it has an encore airing following the date of this post and i don't want to do spoilers.

i think it's a safe bet that anyone who is a fan of the late John Belushi will have the same reflexive response i did while watching this ep---yelling at tv---"speedballs kill". O.K. technically a speedball is a combination of cocaine and heroin, not meth and heroin, but that definition would be splitting hairs, since the rush of combining two powerful antithetical drugs is the objective. And of course the danger increases with the substitution of meth because it has a bolder kick than cocaine. Also if one has built up a tolerance for the drug(s) the likelihood of overdosing increases. Chemical reaction will not be denied. Kudos to Breaking Bad for letting the audience know "that's the double-truth ruth"*

i also have to hand it to the Breaking Bad crew for the natural ebb and flow of this ep. Very much 'a day in the life of Walt White' feel to it. He's still dealing with juggling the double life he's living: his cancer treatments/surgery, the day to day of being a husband and father, and wheeling and dealing with another power player and perspective distributor in the meth trade---an extremely smooth operator played by Giancarlo Esposito. Walt's consiglieri Saul Goodman is the go-between for that introduction. If Bob Odenkirk does not get an emmy for his Saul, then the governing body have not paid close enough attention.

This ep had a bit of everything to entertain...Joy: Walt is so sweet when he's holding his newborn daughter i defy anyone not to go "aww" in all his scenes with the baby. Frustration: Jesse's a good kid but he makes many bad decisions. Also, i could throttle Skyler for the decision she makes about her and Walt's marriage. Shock & Awe: the kid on the bike. Humor: see Saul. Heartbreak: Jesse, and Jane's dad Donald [played by one of my long time favs John de Lancie]. And of course my favorite thing of all about the season 2 episode 13 finale is that it gives us a cliffhanger and all the plot clues that were sprinkled throughout the preceding episodes are answered and resolved.

Can't hardly wait 'til AMC gives the start date for Breaking Bad season 3.

*sookie quoting a line from Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing