Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nip/Tuck Season 6 Premiere Episode 1 "Don Hoberman"

Nip/Tuck Season 6 Premiere Episode 1 "Don Hoberman"
Yea! Nip/Tuck is back! Mario Lopez as Dr.Mike Hamoui is back, and however inadvertently is again sparking Dr.Christian Troy's competitive spirit. Dr.Mike has a fab 102ft yacht [The Reverie], a bevy of bikinied beauties, loads of cash, and the physical attribute Troy envies---that damned 10yrs younger torso. Mike is a hottie, but ImHO doc Troy has no need to fear he is physically inferior in any way. On the cash front though, problems. Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy has injected the real world economic crises into the season 6 storyline. The docs are having budget woes, to the point where Sean has replaced Christian's Yoplait with generic brand yogurt. Wonder if the Dole pineapple juice will survive the cost cutting.

Julia and Erica are back. After the tragedy this real life daughter and mother suffered, it's good to see them on screen again. Flexing their artistic muscles has proven to be a good tonic.

Kimber is back, and embarking on a new career as an aesthetician. Matt is back and more of a train wreck than season's past. 2 words: "mime bandit". Liz is back, and she's not putting up with Christian's crap any more. 4 words: hell hath no fury. Annie is back. i'm excited about that, because last season was a good showcase for Kelsey Lynn Batelaan. You know being one of Sean and Julia's kids, the teen angst factor is going to be amped to the max. Teddy, now portrayed by Rose McGowan is back. i can only echo what Doc Troy said in season 5 of Sean's paramours, "that guy sure can pick 'em".

There are new characters too. Academy award winner Linda Hunt as a documentary narrator. Barry Bostwick as Roger Payne, Liz' divorce lawyer, and Wayne Knight [Seinfeld's Newman] is Christian's divorce lawyer. Let the settlement battle begin.

Nip/Tuck airs at 10:00pm on FX, Wednesdays [please note the change from previous season's Tuesday night scheduling].

Nip/Tuck Cast
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Nip/Tuck Behind The Scenes



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Economic Downturn

Rose McGowan as Teddy, Mario Lopez as Mike

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vern said...

i am a huge fan of nip tuck and am very excited to watch new Nip Tuck Season. last few episodes of season 5 were superb and they laid a perfect plot for season 6. and i am sure this season of nip tuck will rock

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