Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Young & The Restless Episodes 9235-9249 [Sept~21~09 -Oct~9~09]

Eric Braeden_Victor Newman The Young & The Restless
Are TPTB on The Young & The Restless saying auf wiedersehen to Eric Braeden? Its beginning to look like the answer will be yes, but not yet. In recent contract negotiations, Mr.Braeden has been asked to take a pay-cut. He is not the only cast member of whom that request was made. In fact writers and crew have had the same proposal put to them by executive producer Paul Rauch. It's all a matter of trickle-down economics. The show's licensers are offering less to air the show, so there's less dough to dole to those in front of and behind the cameras, who make the show possible. Mr. Braeden's contract does not expire until 2010, but there is a condition in the contract that allows for re-negotiation at the completion of each each performer's 13 week cycle. As it now stands he and the Y&R producers are at a standstill. Melody Thomas Scott [Niki] and Jess Walton [Jill] are also wrangling with producers on this same sticking point. Braeden's Victor Newman is extremely popular with viewers. Check out any Y&R message boards, and the overwhelming fan statistic says that if Victor isn't there, the fans won't be either. The irony of that being if the fans make good on their threats to bolt, it ultimately creates a trickle-down effect of lost revenue for the show and it's sponsors.

i have been an intermittent Y&R viewer. i started watching back in the '70s, then stopped for a while and started watching again in the last few months. i've been a fan of Eric Braeden's since his Rat Patrol series. He's been on Y&R since 1980. i've always found him to be very appealing---very masculine and funny too. i love his accent, and find the idiomatic cadence of his speech to be very endearing. i'm not saying it would be impossible to have Young & The Restless continue without him, but it ain't gonna be easy or the same. Jeanne Cooper [Katherine Chancellor] portrays my favorite female character on the show and i've not seen any news that indicates she'll be leaving, but i can't help thinking if 'the mustache' goes, it does not bode well for other veteran players. Guess we'll just have to stay tuned to see how everyone's contract negotiations pan out.

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