Friday, January 29, 2010

From Funny Or Die: Pee-Wee Gets An iPad

Not that it's likely that anyone would, but never let it be said that Steve Jobs is a slouch in the marketing department. The promotional/public relations gods are smiling upon him while simultaneously helping comedic genius Paul Reubens aka Pee-Wee Herman launch his return to the world stage. As Apple debuts it's latest product, the iPad, Jobs had the foresight to partner with Pee-Wee in a cross-over promo that combines kitsch with kismet.

Thanks Funny Or Die

Thursday, January 21, 2010

FX' Damages Season 3 Episode 1 ~ Your Secrets Are Safe

FX' Damages Banner by sookietex

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FX' Emmy and Golden Globe award winning Damages is back. In the tale of the tape of successful prosecutions, Hewes & Associates can boast a 2-0 record: Hewes vs Frobisher: KO. Hewes vs Ultima Natural Resources: KO. In season 3 Hewes & Associates take on Louis Tobin. Damages 3rd season is really going all out to spoil it's fans. New principal players are Martin Short Martin Short as Leonard Winstone as attorney Leonard Winstone. Len Cariou as Louis Tobin, Len Cariou as Louis Tobin accused of investment fraud in the billions. Lily Tomlin as Marilyn Tobin, Lily Tomlin as Marilyn Tobin wife of Louis. Campbell Scott as Joe Tobin, son of Louis and Marilyn. Cariou's Tobin makes Madoff look amateurish. Whether in private consult with his attorney, dining with his family, or facing the paparazzi, he smoothly alternates utilizing the 'innocent until proven guilty' look with the 'catch me if you can' smirk. Campbell Scott's Joe Tobin Campbell Scott as Joe Tobin has a hidden agenda. On the surface he seems to be as much a victim of his father's misdeeds as the investors, but by turns he has difficulty concealing his true self, and appears very much to be his father's son. Martin Short as Leonard Winstone is positively brilliant. For me, it's a pleasure to see performers who are primarily known as funny in straight roles, and Short does not disappoint. The wit is as sharp as a lathe. The same applies to Lily Tomlin's Marilyn Tobin. Dry as a gin and vermouth martini and equally intoxicating. When Short, Tomlin, Cariou and Glenn Close's Patty Hewes battle, they each give as good as they get.

Holding true to type, Damages' 3rd season has sub-plots. Patty is getting divorced and is involved in a car accident to which there is more than meets the eye. Former Hewes associate attorney Ellen Parsons [Rose Byrne] Rose Byrne as Ellen Parsons has left the firm to work in the district attorney's office. Patty's go-to man/fall-guy Tom Shayes [Tate Donovan] Tate Donovan as Tom Shayes has personal reasons for wanting to see Louis Tobin do time he lost a bundle, and if he can't have restitution, he'll at least have justice.

Damages Season 3 airs Monday January 25, 2010 at 10:00pm on FX. Please check your local listings.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

FX Networks Archer ~ Series Premiere Season 1 Episode 1

Cast Of Archer

Sexy, inappropriate, sumptuous, decadent, and extremely funny. Archer, the FX Networks' new terrific adult animated series. Archer is the creation of Adam Reed, popular voice artist, writer, producer, director from The Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

The title character is a spy in the employ of ISIS, International Secret Intelligence Service. Understandably Archer has issues with his code name, "duchess". The fact that his boss is also his mother only adds to his problems.

i see Sterling Archer as a post-modern hybrid of .007 and Maxwell Smart. Alternately adept and inept as a spy, and playa, resulting in chaotic and hilarious adventures.

A great cast voices the characters: Jessica Walter as Malory Archer, CEO of ISIS and Sterling Archer's mom. Aisha Tyler as fellow ISIS spy and Archer's ex. George Coe as Woodhouse, Archer's long-suffering butler. Judy Greer as Cheryl/Carol, who's mad crushing on Sterling, and is Malory Archer's assistant. Chris Parnell as ISIS Comptroller Cyril Figgis. And H.Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer.

Archer premiers Thursday January 14th on the FX Network at 10:00pm. Please check your local listings.