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AMC's Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 1 "No Mas"

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AMC's Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 1 "No Mas"

Christmas in March can only mean 1 thing---AMC's Breaking Bad is back. The third season brings twin bad-ass assassins from Michoacán who make hits in a most efficient and artistic way, and they do it without uttering a word. Their calling card is their footwear: reptile skin cowboy boots with silver skulls on the tips.

Meanwhile, Walt is dealing with, or should i say in denial about the fallout of his actions from Season 2, and mistakenly thinking he can salvage his marriage. Skyler and the kids, Flynn and Holly, are staying with Skyler's sister Marie, while Walt relocates to a motel. Skyler has filed for divorce, and is not open to Walt's pleas to work things out. They have a showdown that does not bode well for her having a change of heart. Jesse has successfully concluded his time in rehab, and unlike Walt, has come to terms with the man he has become.

The thing that makes this show the most entertaining is that it maintains a sense of humor during events that at first thought one would not imagine there is any. For example, in one scene Walt is absent mindedly lighting and tossing matches in the swimming pool, while kind of freaking out about what's going on in his life, the plane crash, etc., and he has placed several bundles of cash in a BBQ grill. There is 1 match left and as he lights it, intent on setting the cash aflame, we see on the back of the matchbook cover, an ad with a man smiling. The man in the ad is Saul Goodman, Walt's sketchy lawyer. It's a brief and subtle moment, but it's funny, and it's eloquently poignant. There are other moments where humor sneaks in when you'd least expect it, but that was my fav from this ep.

My fav featured character is Giancarlo Esposito's Gustavo Fring, meth distributor, and Pollo Hermanos Restauarant franchise owner. Gustavo es muy suáve, muy chévere.

It's a challenge to make meth manufacturers, dealers, and the world they live in likable and sympathetic, but Breaking Bad pulls it off seamlessly.

AMC's Breaking Bad airs Sundays at 10:00pm with encore airings at 11:00pm [please check your local listings] and if you miss it on your tv, AMC's Breaking Bad website has full eps available. Got a question for Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston? Post it at Ask Bryan Cranston Questions This week's questions should be submitted by Thursday March 25, 2010.

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