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Glee Season 1 Episode 15 The Power Of Madonna

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Glee Season 1 Episode 15 The Power Of Madonna

quote:“This episode is our love letter to Madonna, an artist who has inspired me all my life.” unquote ~ GLEE executive producer and co-creator Ryan Murphy.

Glee's Will Schuester and Sue Sylvester may be arch enemies, but they also have a mutual passion. Madonna!

For me, every episode of Glee has been better than the one that preceded, and after only seeing previews of The Power Of Madonna ep, i have a feeling that no matter how many great episodes follow, this will be my favorite.

i love the scene when Mr.Schuester asks the kids what comes to mind when they think of Madonna, and Puck answers "HOF MILF". Schu's lesson plan aims to impress upon the students that while being a "HOF MILF" is not a bad thing, there is more than that to be appreciated about Madonna and females in general. Noting her cultural influence, Schuester assigns the Glee club to choose songs from Madonna's catalog.

Coincidentally, coach Sue Sylvester is incorporating Madonna's music with the Cheerios' cheerleader routines. The word fan does not do justice for her admiration. Sue worships Madonna. Mercedes, and Kurt learn of Sue's devotion for 'Madge' and give her a make-over in tribute to their heroine. Jane Lynch's cover of Madonna's Vogue video is absolutely terrific. Bravo to Glee on the production and adaptation of the song's lyrics to suit Sue's venom for Will.

The highest compliment for The Power Of Madonna episode comes from 'The Goddess' [my pet name for Madonna] herself: quote “I think Mr. Schuester is very cute, and I’m glad he’s doing such a good job empowering all the girls.” unquote

Glee airs at 8:59pm Tuesday April 20, 2010 on Fox. Please check your local listings

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