Tuesday, July 06, 2010

FX' Louie ~ Season Premiere Episode and Episode 2 Poker/Divorce

Funny, thought provoking, sweet, controversial. FX' newest addition to their Tuesday night line-up stars stand-up comedian and comedy writer Louis CK. i am a recent convert to the church of Louie. i happened upon him accidentally. i knew he was slated to have a show on FX but i hadn't paid close attention as to when it was scheduled to air, other than the fact that i knew it's original air-date had been post-poned. Louie did premiere on Tuesday June 2nd. i was channel surfing, as i am in the habit of doing when my brain is bored with tv's usual offerings. i was also avoiding watching another show that i was considering reviewing. i won't say that show's name, but i'll give clues: it's new and airs on TVLand. 3 of it's female stars are sitcom vets and the 4th is not only a sitcom vet, but a comedic icon/legend. The problem i have with that show is, not only is it painfully formulaic, the laugh-track is used to the point that it insults the cast and the audience. The scripts are weak. It's like a boxer telegraphing punches---you literally feel the joke's punchline approaching, so by the time it's executed, there's little if any impact. *sigh*

Back to Louie. Visitors to the Sundance Film Festival and our neighbors to the north are already familiar with Louis CK's stand-up act. In Toronto, Louis is as popular [if not more so] as Justin Bieber. To the uninitiated, Louie's timing is flawless. Louie's humor is adult---he swears and is not politically correct, but i would not categorized it as 'blue'. Some critics have described his style as being similar to Larry David's and/or Jerry Seinfeld's. The 3 have similarities, but to my view, Louie has more bite. i'm thrilled to say that deciding to watch FX' Louie was a good choice. Louie airs on FX Tuesdays at 11:00pm Please check your local listings.

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