Monday, August 09, 2010

Aftermath With William Shatner Season 1 Episode 1 Bernhard Goetz

Shatner's back with more chat, but this time around, the subject matter is of a darker nature. On his other venture, Shatner's Raw Nerve, the guests are icons of the entertainment industry. In his latest, the guests are not famous, they're infamous. First up Bernhard Goetz.

In the mid 1980's NYC was like Dickens' Tale Of Two Cities. December 22, 1984 manifested the worst of times for subway riders on the #2 downtown express.

The best thing about Shatner's interview technique, no matter the subject, is that he is as interested as his audience, to hear his guest's story. Better yet, despite his star power, he never upstages. And even if you're familiar with the topic, with Shatner as guide, the story's details are still riveting. When Shatner is speaking with Goetz, even before showing the re-enactment scenes, the viewer can't help but empathize the anxiety, frustration, fear, etc. experienced by all who were in that subway car, the ensuing events, and their aftermath.

Aftermath With William Shatner airs on the Bio Channel Monday nights at 10:00pm. Please check your local listings.