Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glee Season 2 Episode 1 Audition

"Everybody's daily life is an audition for something." ~ Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee

The test scores are in. Glee aced the Tuesday night 8:00pm ratings with 12.3 million viewers---1.2 million more than its first season finale episode. And based on viewer response on the various social media message boards, if a report card grade was given for Glee's sophomore season opener it would be an A. Impressive stats considering the show was moved to a different day and time from its freshman season---it had previously aired Wednesdays at 9:00pm. Risky strategy even for a hit show---once established, viewer loyalty can be akin to muscle memory. Music featured in the second season opener: Empire State Of Mind, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Telephone, Getting To Know You Billionaire, The Power, Listen, and What I Did For Love.

Staying true to the scholastic setting, the episode starts in the hallways of McKinley High with the school's star reporter Jacob Ben Israel played by Josh Sussman doing 'how i spent my summer' video interviews with members of The Cheerios and Glee clubs. Jacob who's always looking for and delighting in uncovering gossip and scandals finds good dirt on both groups.

Gleeks Tina and Mike who've publicly denied they're dating, 'what just because we're both Asian that means we're a couple', are seen holding hands in a more than just friends way in the halls. Rachel and Finn are a dating again. Over the summer break Cheerios Santana and Brittany canoodled, and Santana is rumored to have had her breasts enhanced. That's a no-no for coach Sue Sylvester's girls---the plastic surgery not the canoodling.

But coach Sylvester has more pressing matters on her mind. Principal Figgins has been forced to slash the budgets for both the Glee club and The Cheerios. The slashed funds are being re-directed to the athletic dept. A new football coach has been hired. Former coach Ken, distraught over his break-up with guidance councilor Emma had a break-down. Enter Shannon Bieste, spelled B_i_e_s_t_e---a power-house of a woman with 5 consecutive championships under her belt and a competitive spirit that is a force with which Sue must reckon. To that end she recruits nemesis Will Schuster in an 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' scheme to play a series of dirty tricks on coach Bieste. Fans of Mr.Murphy's Nip/Tuck remember coach Bieste's portrayer Dot Marie Jones as a guest at Liz Cruz' bridal shower---her gift was courtside season tickets to the WNBA L.A. Sparks.

Two other new characters on the Audition episode: exchange student Sunshine Corazon played by singing sensation Charice, and transfer student/football player Sam Evans played by Chord Overstreet. The glee club needs to recruit new members, but Rachel's behavior because of her insecurity about Sunshine's talent eclipsing hers, causes Sunshine to leave McKinley High and join the school's top rival Vocal Adrenaline. Hearing Sam singing in the locker room shower, Finn asks him to meet with the male gleeks. They get along, but coach Bieste has cut Finn from the football team and wants Sam as the new quarterback. It's rumored that in future episodes Sam will be a love interest for Kurt, but the cast is staying mum on the subject and the character is only slated for one more episode. And as entertaining as this ep was the next promises to be even more so. Britney Spears guest stars.

Glee airs Tuesday nights at 8:00pm on Fox. Please check your local listing.

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