Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TLC Sister Wives Season 1 Episode 1 Meet Kody And The Wives

Sister Wives Video: Season 1 Episode 1 Meet Kody And The Wives

i've always been drawn to true stories. i've always been intrigued about the practices and rituals of faiths other than the one in which i was raised. i'm a fan of HBO's Big Love. So of course when TLC announced the newest addition to their schedule i knew i had to tune in to see Sister Wives. The show focuses on the societal and legal ramifications of polygamy and the lifestyle of a Utah family who practice plural marriage.

The Sister Wives, Meri, Jannelle, Christine and husband Kody Brown are Mormon fundamentalists. Together they have 12 children. Christine is pregnant with the 13th, a girl they plan to name Truly. As the show begins the family is planning to wed a fourth wife, Robyn, a mother of 3. i like all the Brown's kids, but my favorite is eldest son Logan. Logan is sweet, mature and very helpful with his younger siblings. The entire family is endearing. i thought it was so funny when Janelle is talking about people wondering how she feels when she knows her husband is having sex with one of the other wives and she responds "they'd better be". You can just tell that what she's getting at is 'well if i'm not having my night with our husband, someone should be having a good time'. i do have a pet peeve with Meri---she has a habit of finishing her sister wives sentences and/or interrupting them mid-thought. But every family has adjustments and compromises that must be made, and that quirk of Meri's doesn't seem to be as annoying to her sister wives as it is to me.

First wife Meri is the only wife who was raised fundamentalist Mormon. Husband Kody converted after he and Meri met. Fundamentalist Mormons differ from members of the LDS church in that LDS no longer sanction plural marriage.

TLC's promos for Sister Wives caught the interest of Lehi Utah police, who began investigating the family before the show aired. When the police have concluded their investigation the information will be given for review to the Utah Attorney's offices for the possibility of prosecuting the Browns on felony bigamy charges. Bigamy is a third-degree felony in Utahbut is rarely investigated.

TLC's Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10:00pm, and Wednesdays at 8:00pm Please check your local listings.

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