Saturday, June 04, 2011

FX' Wilfred

i first heard about FX' Wilfred 5 months ago. At last it's debut month is here. How could i not want to see this show? It has Elijah Wood, absurd adult humor, an Aussie, and dogs. Originally produced in Australia, Wilfred is about a suicidal man [Ryan] who perceives his neighbor's dog as a human. Well a human in a dog suit.

Think Harvey, only instead of a 6'tall talking rabbit the main character imagines he's interacting with a 6'tall talking dog. A beer guzzling, pot smoking, common sense advice giving, mischievious, incorrigible, lecherous dog.

Co-executive producer Jason Gann reprises his role as Wilfred the dog. The show has been tweaked for an American audience but hasn't lost it's edge. And if you think for 1 minute that you are not going to love Wilfred, then as Ryan's sister Kristen advises "you've just got to change the way you're seeing things".

Wilfred premieres Thursday June 23rd at 10:00pm on FX. Please check your local listings.

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