Sunday, May 08, 2011

HBO ~ Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden


Get your paws up lil' monsters! Lady Gaga's concert [5 sold out] at Madison Square Garden is airing on HBO. Wow! This Lady truly knows how to entertain, and her fans whom she affectionately refers to as "little monsters", reciprocate the gratitude and happily show Gaga their teeth.

There are some who will be quick to say Gaga's performances are derivative and nothing more than a compilation of the aesthetic of some who preceded her i.e. Madonna, Elton John, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Gwar, and even some of Gaga's contemporaries i.e. Katy Perry. And to be fair even the most ardent of her fans would be hard pressed to deny that Gaga has surely been influenced by some, if not all, of these artists. But even with all that taken into consideration, if you were to dissect Gaga's performances and then view them objectively on their own merit, it is impossible to come away feeling anything other than completely satisfied. Influences aside Gaga is unique and uniquely talented.

Gaga has many assets. Her keyboarding skills are undeniable. She's an excellent songwriter. She's a savvy marketer, appreciative of her well earned success, her crew, and her fans. Gaga has a tremendous set of pipes---equally adept as balladeer and belter. my fav part of the HBO special is during the ending credits when she and the backup singers are doing an acapella rendition of Born This Way. Their harmonies are rousing and flawless.

Throughout the 2hr Garden performance Gaga is working the heels, the glam, the costumes, and the crowd. Sure you're right---rub that glitter and grease around!

HBO ~ Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden originally aired Saturday May 7th. Several repeat airings are scheduled HBO Zone channel is having a marathon on Sunday May 8th---i've watched it 4 times [so far]. Please check your local listings. And remember "Don't be a drag Just be a queen".

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