Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terra Nova Season 1 Premiere Episode Genesis on FOX


Uncle Stevie has given sci-fi fans a new gift, Terra Nova on Fox. Spielberg's latest has the requisite components sci-fi fans have on their check-lists. Time travel. Scary monsters---in this case dinosaurs [and not all of them are veggies]. Hot guys. Hot gals. Cute kids. The distinction between hero and villain is sometimes blurred. Impending global catastrophe manifests it's self in the eventual destruction of life as we know it, until a bunch of brainiac scientists stumble upon a unique remedy. Said remedy involves huge risk---time travel, and it's direction is one way only. But it's the lesser of two evils and since the fate of human-kind lies in the balance you gotta go for it.

The year is 2149. Over-populated and over-developed the world is dying, much of it's plant and animal life already dead. "When scientists at the FERMI Particle Accelerator unexpectedly discover a fracture in time that makes it possible to construct a portal into primeval history, the bold notion is born to re-settle humanity in the past – a second chance to rebuild civilization and get it right this time."

The production values of Terra Nova are really good. Even the doomed world sets are impressive. i especially liked the urban scenes and the scenes as the citizens are making their way to the portal---kind of evocative of Blade Runner and Total Recall. In fact i was wishing the scenes in the doomed world had been longer before the viewer is jettisoned back in time to primeval days. That said the scenes in the primeval world are breathtaking---especially the waterfall and grotto in the forest.

And the casting is perfect. The actors playing the kids of Jim, former Chicago cop and doctor Elizabeth Shannon, trauma surgeon, physically resemble each other and the actors playing their parents. There are glimpses of similar personality traits between parent and offspring. Something that proves a bit annoying to their 17 yr old son and the dad when it's pointed out to them that they are very much alike.


i like all the characters but so far my favorite is Commander Nathaniel Taylor played by Stephen Lang. The scene where he's welcoming new arrivals to Terra Nova had an eery Jonestown vibe [is this really paradise or something sinister]. i thought i might have been alone in that thought until some friends tweeted me they had thought the same. Is Taylor villain, hero, or a bit of both. Time will tell and i'm excited about getting to know him and all the citizens of Terra Nova better.

Terra Nova airs Mondays at 8pm eastern and re-airs Saturdays at 8pm eastern on FOX.
Please check your local listings.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Roast Of Charlie Sheen On Comedy Central

The Roast Of Charlie Sheen On Comedy Central

Comedy Central's Charlie Sheen Roast was great. Bawdy, raunchy, no fear, take no prisoners, adult humor. Guitarist Slash played and accompanied Charlie as he made his entrance. The best part of the roast was that the guest of honor was not the only one feeling the heat. Everyone on the dais took a turn at turning on the burn, not only to Sheen but also to each other, and to roast-master Seth MacFarlane.

Every good party needs a good guest mix and this one was eclectic: Heavy-weight boxing champ Mike Tyson, actors William Shatner, Jon Lovitz, and Kate Walsh, Jackass' SteveO, and comedians Jeffrey Ross, Amy Schumer, Patrice O'Neal and Anthony Jeselnik. All were funny but for my tastes the stand-ups who stood out were Jeffrey Ross, Amy Schumer, and Anthony Jeselnik. Jeffrey Ross was irreverently resplendent in a wacky Khadafi costume, and his timing was effortless. Two words: Ross 'killed'. i'd not seen Amy Schumer prior to the roast but i'm now glad i have. This gal is not just funny, she shoots from the lip with the confidence and accuracy of a sharp-shooter. Anthony Jeselnik was another i'd not had the pleasure of seeing before, but he's got my attention now. Masterfully deadpan funny. Even when he wasn't speaking his sly smile and wicked eyebrow arch had me giggling.

Charlie Sheen Roasted On Comedy Central
And of course the reason for the gathering, the man of the hour [well actually hour and 38 minutes] was Charlie Sheen. 'The Warlock' 'The Rock-Star From Mars' he of the 'tiger blood' gave as good as he got. At turns amused and amusing, gracious, modest, humble, and all in all a good sport. For me the most touching moments were Charlie's concern about SteveO after an improvised physical bit went awry and Charlie's inter-actions with the roasters as they engaged him. Best example was when Jeffrey Ross was giving some particularly searing skewering and asking "too soon?" or better "too real?" and Charlie gave a wan smile as if to say yes to both but then gestured to indicate he was fine with it. Slash put it best quoting good sport Charlie's take on the funny but brutally honest festivities "it's only words". And it was clear that even the sharpest of those were said with love and admiration.

The Roast Of Charlie Sheen On Comedy Central aired Monday September 19th. Comedy Central will have video and bonus footage of the roast on it's website and the network has scheduled encore airings: Wednesday September 21st 12:30am, Friday September 23rd 12:01am, Friday September 23rd 10:00pm, Saturday September 24th 10:00pm, Friday September 30th 11:00pm Please check your local listings.

ComedyCentral Roasters and Roastee Charlie Sheen

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Archer Season 3 Premiere Episode 1 Heart Of Archness [Part 1]


Oh Archer you're such a tease. FX' tactical turtleneck sweater wearing spy, Sterling Mallory Archer---code name 'Duchess' with ISIS [International Secret Intelligence Service] agency, is back for a third season of 16 episodes, starting September 15, 2011. A three part story arc whets fans appetites in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th week of September. Then Archer takes a break until January 2012 when it will continue with season 3's remaining 13 episodes.

When season 2 concluded Archer had fallen in love with platinum blonde bombshell and renegade Russian spy Katya Kazanova. Katya saved Archer's life when KGB agents, on orders from Nikolai Jackov, tried to kill him. Nikolai is a former lover of Archer's mother Mallory, and the man Archer believes is his biological father. After rescuing Archer, Katya accompanied him back to the U.S. This raised several issues with Lana, fellow ISIS agent and Archer's ex, and Archer's mother Mallory, head of the ISIS agency. Katya has been flagged as a double agent. Mallory and Lana don't believe her when she says that not only is she not a double agent but that she wants to emigrate to the U.S. and work for ISIS.

Katya is now on the run and Archer is missing. FX will have a tie-in with Archer's lead-in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia when ISIS' satellite link indicates Archer is at Paddy's Pub.

FX' Archer returns for season 3 Thursday September 15, 2011 at 10:30pm eastern/9:30pm central. Please check your local listings.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Glee ~ Season 3 Premiere Episode 1 ~ The Purple Piano Project


Glee returns for a third season on FOX on Tuesday September 20th. The first episode is titled The Purple Piano Project, and is directed by Eric Stoltz. As yet i don't know the specifics involved with the plot of The Purple Piano Project, but the episode's synopsis says Mr.Schuester assigns a "project" to the New Directions Glee Club to lift their spirits after not winning nationals at season 2's conclusion. Not for nothing but i'm guessing New Directions will not be scripted to win nationals until Glee's series' finale. [Remember you heard that theory here first kids].

But we're a long way from that event so back to what's happening in Glee's 3rd season. Mercedes [Amber Riley] gets a new boyfriend, football lineman Marcus [LaMarcus Tinker]. Sue [Jane Lynch] heaven help us all, campaigns for a seat in Congress. A new student named Sugar [Vanessa Lengies] described as having been born with a silver spoon in her mouth and a tin ear, is added to the McKinley High student body. Rachel [Lea Michele] Finn [Cory Monteith] and Kurt [Chris Colfer] have graduated but show runner Ryan Murphy has kept his promise and they have not been removed from Glee's cast. Kurt's dad Burt [Mike O' Malley] is not listed as a cast member but his photo is included with FOX' 2011 Glee press gallery photos, so i'm theorizing this may mean Kurt's dad may be referenced but we may not see him in the episodes---kind of like how we never see the parents of Charles Schultz' Peanuts characters. Not listed as a cast member or included in the press photos is Sam [Chord Overstreet]. Overstreet declined the offer of a 10 episode story arc that would have begun at the middle of the third season---so sorry kids---those plump cherry lips will not be seen kissing Mercedes. Guess her budding romance with him gets an off-screen detour to line-backer Marcus. Ah young love.

In the as yet untitled 3rd episode of the third season viewers will be introduced to Mike Chang's [Harry Shum Jr] parents. Another promise made and kept by Ryan Murphy---more focus on and back story for New Directions members who were not the focus of previous seasons. Other than mom and pop Chang i have not been able to find the characters names but they will be played by Tamlyn Tomita and Keong Sim. Looking forward to the expansion of Mike's storylines. Harry Shum Jr is one of my favs.

In a case of life imitating art the winners and runners up from Oxygen's reality show The Glee Project will be featured during the course of Glee's third season.

Glee Season 3 Premiere Episode 1 The Purple Piano Project airs on FOX Tuesday September 20th 2011 at 8pm eastern/7pm central. Please check your local listings.