Sunday, August 11, 2013

TMZSports A-Rod

Seems you can't watch the news
or pick up a newspaper without 
mention of New York Yankees'
third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Nothing new about seeing A-Rod featured
prominently on the backpages but too
frequently of late the focus hasn't been
on his stats but more about his alleged PED 
use. That's right i said "alleged".

Why? Because even though 
he admitted to using PEDs from 2001-2003
this time he says he hasn't.
Since he hasn't failed any recent rests 
i'm taking #13 at his word.

Anyone accused without proof
of wrong-doing surely can empathize with
Mr.Rodriguez being given a 211 game suspension.

imho Commissioner Selig 
came to his decision based
on hear-say. A-Rod and his
attorney David Cornwell are appealing the
suspension. During appeal A-Rod
is eligible to be in the line-up.

my instincts usually serve me pretty well to
discern whether or not i'm dealing with sketchy
characters. A-Rod's primary accusers,
Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch and
BayAreaLaboratoryCoOperative [aka BALCO]
founder Victor Conte strike me as types who
could make a spirograph envious.

During A-Rod's 1st home-game appearance on Friday
8~9~2013 fan reaction was 50/50 Some stood
cheered & held up signs of encouragement. Others
didn't. But'success is a great
de-odorant', because when he took to the plate on
Sunday jacked a homerun & flashed good leather
at the hot corner all in attendance cheered.

A NYC newscaster mentioned a
sporting equipment store had no #13 jerseys
or any A-Rod gear.

The reporter attributed this to the shop
not wanting to sell A-Rod merchandise
Since this wasn't confirmed i'm
guessing it's more likely the store sold-out
of #13 items.

Sunday 8~11~2013 vs Tigers Yankees
get 5-4 win with a Brett Gardner walk-off HR

Here's how A did:

Bottom of the 2nd gets 1st HR/RBI of the season
passing Stan Musial for fifth all-time on
RBI list with 1,951

Bottom of the 3rd singles & drives in a run

top of the 4th throws out Tigers' Perez at 1st

Top of the 8th hot smash to 3rd backhands
catch throws to Cano on a disputed play getting Tigers' 
Iglesius at 2nd

Post-game Avg is.357
A tells reporters he thinks it will take him 40 or 50
at bats before he has a better idea of where he is and thanked 
ny fans for their tremendous support.

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