Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who Dat Baby's Daddy? or Is Doc Spencer Really A Buchanan or Not?

So, the paternity DNA results have been revealed, and they show that Asa Buchanan is not Spencer Truman's pa. Spencer theorizes the tests were tampered with, but Bo Buchanan quickly throws out that argument when he reminds Spencer that the tests were administered in the presence of attorneys for Asa, and Spencer, and the independent auditor of whom both parties approved. When reason doesn't persuade him, Spencer flips out, and proceeds to take Vikki hostage by putting her in a choke-hold. As a rule i am not an advocate of violence, but i have to admit i was enjoying seeing Vikki in this predicament---imho, she is just too sanctimonious and full of herself for words. Spencer's true baby bro' David Vickers calms him down and Vikki is released, and Spencer is cuffed, and returned to Llanview PD custody.

i had thought the paternity storyline was going run a little longer. The quick resolution was a bit anti-climactic. i also think it would have made for an interesting storyline for the tests to show Asa was Spencer's pa. Think of the fun that could have been had---access to the Buchanan billions for attorneys etc. in Spencer's murder trial. Pushing Clint, Bo, and Kevin's buttons. It could have been an arc that went on for weeks. Of course it's possible that despite the precautions, Asa did have the tests altered. As David pointed out, his mother had nothing to lose by her deathbed confession to Spencer that Asa was his pa, and she had no motive to lie, since at the time he was not a multi-billionaire. Time and plotlines will tell.

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