Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Is it just me, or do the All My Children scripts mention the name of the character Spike an inordinate number of times. Even when the character is not the focal point of the plot/scene, his name is said ad nauseum. For the uninitiated, Spike is the offspring of Kendall Hart and Ryan Lavery. Kendall in a rare moment of selflessness volunteered to be a surrogate mother when it became clear that Ryan's [now ex] wife Greenlee would be unable to carry full term. But there was a bit of monkeybusiness when the [now late] Doc Greg Madden performed the procedure and took it upon himself to use Kendall's ovum over Greenlee's. But i digress.

Spike is a cute little guy, but apparently the AMC writers think because he has not yet fully mastered his language skills, the viewers will have short term memory loss as far as his name is concerned. Or could it be that the little tyke's contract requires that his name be constantly mentioned until he can speak for himself. i didn't actually count how many times [i plan to next episode i catch] but i would estimate the ep that aired today mentioned the character's name not fewer than 8 times within 15 seconds. [paraphrasing here]'I love Spike. I really miss Spike. I wonder what Spike is doing right now. I think i'll buy a new toy for Spike. Isn't Spike sweet. Spike is so cute. Spike is such a good baby. Spike smiled at me today.'

You get the idea. Sure wish the writers would. On the other hand those scenes would make for a great drinking game. Whenever someone says "Spike", you have to do a shot. i predict a rise in tequila sales.

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