Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Life To Live's Jamie, Sweetiepie, Saoirse Scott

Again my heart is bursting and One Life To Live's Jamie, portrayed by sweetiepie Saoirse* Scott is the reason. She has such a sweet voice, she's beautiful, bright and can melt your heart like a marshmallow in a microwave with just one bat of an eyelash.

Recently Jamie's storyline has been on the OLTL frontburner. Her stepmom Jessica was supposed to legally adopt her, but at the 11th hour had a fit of conscience primarily because she's been cheating on her husband Antonio [Jamie's papi] and bolted from the courthouse leaving poor Jamie confused and in tears. Anyone who's been following the show recently would have to agree that Jessica did the right thing by not officially becoming the mom [can you say unstable parent?], but man, her timing on coming to that decision could not have possibly been worse. Even though Jamie was traumatized, she was a real little trouper having heart to hearts with her papi, her abuela Carlotta, her grandpa RJ Gannon,
and flakey stepmom Jessica. The best recent scene was when she told her papi that
"Jessica is sorry about the court and the kissing."
It would have been more of a BAM! moment were it not for the fact that "detective" Antonio is completely clueless to the fact that wifey has been unfaithful for weeks. O.K. in fairness to the character i shouldn't say completely clueless because he has suspected something was up with Jessica, but for him not to know that not only has she been cheating but that she's been doing it for weeks with Nash, the biological father of Jessica's psychological alter Tess' daughter Bree/Brennan [wow was that exposition convoluted or what :-) but it's accurate yes?:-)], doesn't say much about his powers of deductive reasoning.

Just as Jessica is about to come clean, the baby overhears her parents arguing and she runs out of the house and into oncoming traffic. Nash and her uncle Cristian witness the accident. Nash has just told Cristian that Jessica was having "the talk" with Antonio just before the accident happens. Nash rushes upstairs to tell Antonio and Jessica about the accident just as she is about to spill her guts.

Jamie is rushed to the hospital, the diagnosis is fluid on the brain, but the doctors expect her to pull through with no permanent brain damage. An anguished Antonio is comforted by Jessica at Jamie's bedside while a pining Nash looks on.

Later, when Jessica is called away to work, friend and Llanview Detective John McBain, and Jamie's aunt Natalie come to visit at the hospital. Jamie awakes and asks where's Jessica?

Nash has followed her to her job, and soon after the only business going on is strictly of the monkey variety.

*Saoirse, pronounced

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nip/Tuck's Joely Richardson Will Be Back For Season 5

"I never actually left the series. I just needed time out for a personal reason, which they very kindly gave me and it was just three episodes... It wasn't a dramatic exit on any level. "I'm definitely contracted for a fifth season of the show. We're just talking about it now." ~ Joely Richardson

Firstly i'm happy Ms. Richardson's daughter is on the mend, but for selfish reasons i'm thrilled that she is returning to Nip/Tuck in her role as Julia Mcnamara, the woman [most] fans love to hate. Julia's ex-hubby, surgeon Sean Mcnamara will always carry a torch for her, but i'm hoping they're not going to hook up for the umpteenth time. It's waaay past time for Sean to jump into the dating pool. Now that he's single and free to mingle and our boys have made the move from Miami to Hollywood, i'm hoping he takes a page out of partner doc Troy's book and bangs many 'mammazons in depraved and debauched ways'. But that doesn't mean we can't still have fireworks between him and Julia.

MP3: The Beatles' Julia

Friday, April 13, 2007

WTF! Evangeline [Renee Elise Goldsberry] Leaving OLTL

Found this bombshell at snarkweighsin.com
So much for the fan's fantasies about Evangeline and Todd being Llanview's next super couple. i should have known something fishy was going on when out of nowhere a sibling rivalry was in full heated 'mits offa my man' mode between Evangeline and Layla, when Evangeline mistakenly thought her 5 minutes ago ex Cristian and Layla were having an affair. There was a lame hint at a backstory of the sibs having a history of man stealing on Layla's part, but again it seemed to come out of nowhere. There was so much potential for more developement between these characters. A shame it won't be expanded upon. i'm not even so much disappointed at Ms. Goldsberry's departure as i am of the completely unimaginative way the character is being written out. Lazy and pathetic are the printable responses i can convey to express my ire to this choice by OLTL.

Here's an excerpt from the exclusive interview Ms. Goldsberry gave 4~9~07 to TV Guide Online's Daniel R. Coleridge Daniel's Dish

TVGuide.com: What do want to say about leaving OLTL?
Goldsberry: Yes, my contract expired on April 1. I have finished taping. I don't know when my last air date is, but I did work until the contract expired. And since we have not been able to come to terms on a new contract, Evangeline will go into a coma. And out of all that has been reported about this negotiation, that is the extent of what is true.

TVGuide.com: I've read a lot out there about why the contract negotiations fell through. Some suggest you want too much money, while others say OLTL denied you outs to do other projects. What's your response?
Goldsberry: It is hurtful when I hear of people reporting so erroneously about the negotiation. But I don't believe in discussing the details of contract negotiations publicly, even to prove them wrong, so I won't comment about that any further. I will say, however, that though we are at an impasse, there is no bad blood between ABC and me.

TVGuide.com: How interesting that Vangie will be comatose. Vangie's pal, Nora, also went into a coma when Hillary B. Smith's contract was up back in '05....
Goldsberry: Yes, Nora and Evangeline have a lot in common. They are both defense attorneys turned prosecutors. They were both blind. And Nora also suffered a coma that took her off of the canvas for quite some time. Hillary has often jokingly said that Evangeline is a big copycat. It seems she's right again.

TVGuide.com: How do you feel about leaving Llanview in this way?
Goldsberry: It is difficult to let a character that is so much a part of me just fall asleep. I'm sure it is difficult for all parties. It's been an awesome four years. I celebrate every day I had playing Evangeline. We created this groundbreaking character. And by "we" I mean everyone involved with her — the network, the writers, producers, directors, co-stars, and the fans. The opportunities she ran away with in Llanview and all of the opportunities that I've had at ABC are nothing short of miraculous. I believe they were truly divinely orchestrated. That's why I am confident that if it is meant to be, I will play Evangeline again — and if not, I will do something else that is also important, and the show that I have loved since I was a child will continue to be as wonderful as it has always been. I believe — even in the darkest hour — things really do work out for the best.