Tuesday, February 12, 2008

WGA Stirke Over


Frank Costanza [Jerry Stiller] to son George Costanza [Jason Alexander] "Without the writing they have nothing. You're the ones that make them look good." ~ Seinfeld Season 9 Finale Part 1, written by Larry David.

92.5% of WGA members vote yes to end the 100 day strike.

"The strike is over. Our membership has voted. Writers can go back to work." ~ WGA West Coast President Patric Verrone

"We're receiving a percentage of the distributor's gross, which is very real money, as opposed to what people refer to as creative or Hollywood accounting." ~ WGA East Coast President Michael Winship

"The rules of our business are changing so rapidly, the ways people are using media and content are changing so rapidly. For our creative partners, relationships and communication are really important. The (WGA) realizes it, and we realize it. Let's not look backward; let's look forward." ~ Les Moonves, CBS President and CEO.


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