Thursday, May 01, 2008

TV Guide Corrects Their Julian McMahon Oversight {At sookie's request :-) }

The other day a friend and fellow McMahoniac let me know TV Guide was asking their readers to comment on their selection of the Sexiest Stars of 2008. Or more accurately, TV Guide was asking for reader input regarding the stars who were ommitted from the selection. Of course none of the McMahoniacs could believe that "our" man Julian had not made the initial cut. Some of the ladies didn't have an account with TV Guide and were opting not to open one just for the purpose of commenting. i already have an account, so i figured i'd piggyback their thoughts when i posted my comment.

To my surprise, not only did TV Guide read my comment, they listed Julian McMahon as their reader's choice as the #1 Sexiest Star!

Now it's not exactly a secret to any of In A Lather's visitors, that i am an unabashed, unapologetic, without waver, fan of Mr. McMahon's. But i never expected that conveying that fact via a single comment to TV Guide would have such a strong impact. i don't know exactly what kind of numbers TV Guide is pulling down regarding their on-line enterprise---i tried researching the numbers but after half an hour couldn't find anything that provided that information. The closest i came was a Microsoft document detailing the types of platforms they were providing the client, and basically how they liked TV Guide and TV Guide liked them, blah, blah, blah. Not that that information is without import, it just didn't happen to be what i was in search of at that particular moment. Also i was experiencing a short attention span mindset {hubby says 'duh!' :-)}. Suffice it to say that it's not too hard for the average person to figure that the TV Guide on-line site generates quite a bit of traffic---i'd reckon {Carl Sagan voce} billions, and billions of hits. Which got me to thinking: quite a few folks had to have seen TV Guide's affirmation of my assessment that yes indeedy, Julian McMahon, is one heck of a talented and sexy beast. Which has a nice ripple effect of generating a bit of publicity for Mr. McMahon too. Now i'm not an unreasonable gal---i'm willing to accept, say, 12% of the compensation his current reps WMA and ROAR are receiving.

Whattaya say babe, call me, 'kay ;-)


Sweet Melissa said...

You get my vote, sookie!

Sweet Melissa

Anonymous said...

You are awesome and get my vote as well. Julian so deserved to be on that list, especially not just for 2008 but all years. Thanks for taking the chance and leaving them a comment. It just proves your vote on anything counts..

Joleene Springbush

sookietex said...

thanks sweet

sookietex said...

thanks joleene, i liked what you said: "It just proves your vote on anything counts". it's something i strongly believe too.

also i try to be fearless in all things McMahon :-)

latinbeauty said...

you never stop to amaze me.
you rock Sookie, a true "go getter". I vote for YOU!

sookietex said...

thanks latinbeauty, :-) YOU ROCK!

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