Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Life To Live ~ Madam Delfina

Cleopatra's Needle NYC Central Park photo credit:tex

In A Lather video post shot in NYC Central Park at Cleopatra's Needle

[Transcript As Prepared For Post]

OLTL's Madam Delfina is a wonderful character, played with just the right amount of sass and sincerity by Lea DeLaria. i just love her.

Frequent visitors to this site know that while i was raised a southern baptist, i am now, and have been since my pre-pubescent years, a pagan.

It was inevitable i guess. my paternal grandmother always had crystals, talismans, kachinas, and assorted charms on her bedroom dressing table. my sis and i would spend hours on end touching and holding them, and in general being transfixed by their beauty. it's funny, but grandmother never really specifically talked about their functions or why they were special, but we instinctively knew they were, and she indulged our tactile fascination of them.

i hesitate to categorize my sibs and myself as psychic, believe me if i thought that, i'd be holding winning lottery tickets every week. But several times over the years we have been witness to 'signs', and had pre-cognitive dreams [not always a good thing---[shrug]]. Shamans believe it is possible for different persons to have the same dream at the same time. This is also something my sibs and i have experienced---again, kind of freaky, but interesting. Another 'mind trick' that hubby taught me, is never using an alarm clock to wake up [on time/specific time]. i told him there was no way i could do this, at least not consistently, but 23plus years later we both successfully do just that :-)

i've gone on this tangent to let you know what a kick it is for me that OLTL is believably incorporating paranormal experiences in a major storyline.

Delfina dovetails perfectly with Llanview's other citizens. i'm going to guess her reading for Langston means that possibly her parents are actually still alive. Or if they are in fact really dead, there may be a long lost relative that Langston is unaware of.

The scenes with Delfina and newlywed/lovebirds Addie and David were delicious.

Speaking of Addie and David, how cute are they kanoodling, feeding each other strawberries, and trading naughty double entendre, much to the consternation of Addie's sis, and David's ex-lover Dorian. Pamela Payton-Wright and Tuc Watkins are perfectly matched, and i'm hoping that they stay a happy couple for at least a few months. Their's being a soap coupling, it's a pretty safe bet that someone or something will break them up, but i'm hoping that won't be for a while. Given Delfina's reading for them, i may just get my wish ;-)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Follow-Up: Extravaganza For The Senses Saban Clinic Benefit

A few weeks ago i posted about the charity event Extravaganza For The Senses, to benefit the Saban Free Clinic. Fox Studio's lot was the venue, and Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon was promoted as the celebrity co-chair.

Fox Studios

i put out a few feelers to try to find out how successful the event was, i.e. the amount of funds raised for the Saban Free Clinic, were there celebs other than Mr.McMahon in attendance, how was the food, and drink, etc. The clinic did post a thank you on their site to "everyone for making the Extravaganza For The Senses such a big success!". Nice and appreciated, but not specific. Unfortunately, my e-correspondence with the Saban did not receive a response, and my search of mainstream media sources yielded no information on those points. But i'm not halting my search, because this is an important and worthy cause. Somewhere, someone has those stats, and they will eventually surface, of this i am sure.

Meanwhile, some of my internet friends who attended the event have provided me with some tidbits. This is the 5th year wine and culinary enthusiast, notsoquiet, attended the event. Even though she was among the VIP guests, she is not a celeb watcher, so by her own reckoning she most likely wouldn't have recognized any who were/may have been there if they had tripped over her. None the less i very much enjoyed her re-cap. Find it here: Mad Mary's Musings on Wine & Food

Another friend who won tickets to the event and is a celeb watcher saw no sign of Mr.McMahon, and after searching diligently, could not confirm his presence. i was not at this event, but i have been at others where i did see him with my own eyes, and even when there were crowds numbering in the thousands, his presence is phenomenally compelling. So believe me when i tell you if he and valerie were within a mile of each other's periphery, she would have known. i'm speculating he may have arrived and departed The Extravaganza before her arrival.

Another help to me, also volunteered at the event. Lawrence Chowfun and Sophia McRae of LAFun.org sent me this pic of them and actress Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu [center in black] and LAFun.org friends at Extravaganza For The Senses 2008

Last but not least, Kevin Cheng of LAist provided some great pics of the vender's wares---my fav is Big Sugar BakeShop's cupcakes---don't they look yummy!

Big Sugar Bakeshop Cupcakes

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Julian McMahon's Birthday : - )

Julian McMahon as Doctor Christian Troy on FX' Nip/Tuck

Happy Birthday To In A Lather's Favorite Leo,
Julian McMahon

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sookie's lion nyc uws

A special thank you, MMWUAH! :-), to my sis, JustOneDimple, for turning me on to the astrological resource
Birthday Calculator

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Life To Live ~ Jess/Tess At Nash's Funeral

The following video is comprised of clips from ABC's One Life To Live episodes which aired on 6~30~08 and 7~1~08

Thank you to starrandcolex32393
and nevel78
at YouTube for the original footage. If it weren't for you i'd have nothing to edit :-) XXXOOO

[Transcript As Prepared For Post]

Wow! if OLTL's Bree Williamson [Jess/Tess] is not awarded an emmy next year, fans will be fuming. This woman is on fire!

The eps of Nash's funeral and the days that followed were impressive to say the least.Called upon to cry at the bat of an eyelash, Ms Williamson is consistently more than up to the task. And whether she's sobbing or furious with righteous anger, [no make-up, light make-up, full make-up] the young widow looks beautiful in every instance.

The scripts, wardrobe, production, direction and performances of the entire cast but most especially Ms Williamson were wanting for nothing. Todd's line "this is the best funeral i've ever been to---flat out", just the best. Soo Todd.

When Viki tries to settle Jess down from airing ALL the Natalie/Jared dirty laundry saying "baby i think you've said enough for now" and Jess replies "no, no mom, i'm just getting started"---YES! Testify sister!

It was heart wrenching to see her rip her twin Nat apart, but it was necessary. Poor Natalie, she really is sorry for her choices, and while Nash's death technically, was accidental---kharma will always have it's day.

Jess' transition to Tess was like a well executed relay hand-off. Poor Viki, every maternal instinct she has seems to be stuck in neutral. Clueless that Tess is back, she senses something is amiss with Jess, but can't quite put her finger on it. mom is all [sigh]'i guess it's just Jess' way of dealing'.

Oh yeah---daughter's dealing alright, but it's Tess, not Jess who's TCBing.
OKayy! :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Life To Live and General Hospital ~ What Works For Me {and what doesn't}

One Life To Live: Hillary B. Smith [nora] Brandon Buddy [cole] Kathie Brier [marci]

[Transcript As Prepared For Post]

Going over some bulletpoints:

OLTL: Cole, if you want to win custody of your child, RUN, do not walk to any attorney other than Nora. A good alternative---Todd's current lawyer springs to mind. Nora has a history of being a sabateur of her own cases [remember a few years back when she admitted to deliberately throwing a case when she was a defense attorney, and Todd was her client]. Besides which, during her conversations with Cole, she's already admitted that she thinks that whatever decision Starr makes, he should just walk away, and let Starr have the final say.
How this woman ever rose to the rank of District Attorney is beyond me. She constantly has conflicts of interest with whichever case she's involved, and in terms of a win/loss ratio, she does not have a stellar track record.

Marci as volunteer at Llanview Hospital's pediatric ward. There's a negligence lawsuit waiting to happen. An emotionally unstable person with a history of being a gun wielding kidnapper. Also when she taught at the local highschool she had a penchant for blackmail and threats to get her students to perform in a musical that was more important to her than any of the students or school admin. Yeah, that's just the type of person you want to see unsupervised with kids and newborns.

Moving on to GH: i love Maxi. Her cute short haircut. Her cute mini-skirts, her always flawless make-up, and pretty much all the fashion choices wardrobe and make-up have made for the character. They hit the bullseye everytime. i love that she continues to fiercely defend her sib, [poor dead Georgie], and is constantly sticking it to Lulu. i know that as of the date of this posting she and Lulu are closer to being allies than enemies, because of Logan, but i have not seen the ep that precipitates that alliance, so for now i'm enjoying the rivalry.

Speaking of fashion divas, consigliere Diane, is another of my GH favs, literally from head to toe. And i think she and Corinthos bodyguard Max are a perfect match. Also she makes scenes with Alexis more palatable. It's not that i dislike Nancy Lee Grahn's work, i think she does a terrific job, i just cannot stand the character Alexis. No, let me ammend that statement. It's not that i can't stand her. It's just that Alexis' neurosis exhaust me. It's actually Robin Scorpio that i absolutely cannot stand. [again i have no beef with her portrayer Kimberly McCullough]. Robin has always been a holier than thou personality, and maternity has only served to amplify that trait. Couple that with her constant male bashing of the father-to-be of her child, and men in general---it's very one dimensional, and gets old rapidly. Scripters, please please please, give this character something more fun, interesting and less hostile to do.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

All My Children ~ Angie and Jesse's Wedding

It's May 2008, in the ABC daytime drama All My Children, after a 20 year separation when Jesse Hubbard had been thought to have been killed, friends and family of doctor Angela Hubbard, and Jesse Hubbard have gathered to celebrate the renewal of their wedding vows. Of course being a daytime drama, there IS drama. Crazy Robert Gardener is on a kidnapping, shooting and killing rampage---all for a gianormous uncut diamond.

And Now, You Are Cordially Invited To The Wedding Of Angie And Jesse*

*Thanks to ABC ~ All My Children GoogleVideo, YayaDacostaFan at YouTube, and kelotter at YouTube.

Here's More Ne~Yo

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

ABC's Daytime Dramas ~ sookie's favs

Robin Strasser[dorian] Tuc Watkins[david] Pamela Payton-Wright[addie] photo credit:ABC

Andrea Evans[tina] Bree Williamson[tess] photo credit:ABC

[Video's Transcript As Prepared For Post]

Hi i'm sookie. It's been a while since i weighed in with thoughts about All My Children, One Life To Live and General Hospital. hubby [aka tex] suggested doing vids. This is one of the reasons i love him---brains and beauty ;-)

To use the analogy of horse racing, right now for my money the finishing order for ABC's daytime dramas are: One Life To Live, "win", General Hospital, "place", and All My Children, "show". For those among you who are not offspring of railbirds [love you, miss you pop X], that would mean, imho, with regard to which is best; OLTL is #1, GH #2, and AMC #3.

Although as i'm thinking about their placement, in my mind, GH and AMC's positions are being flip flopped. The reasons being, the scripts, and my main soap pet peeves: the dumbing-down of characters, under utilization and/or elimination of popular characters, and 180 degree change in character's personality for no logical reason.

But for now let's stay focused on the positives. i love the choices OLTL is making. To begin with, how each ep now has an onscreen title. It makes the show more dramatic, more compelling, juicy. Also i have always thought their lighting crew does the best of any. No matter the shot, or the environment in which the action is taking place, it looks exactly like what it should and at it's most flattering.

i'm a few weeks behind in viewing so i haven't actually seen the eps with the fabulous Andrea Evans, but it's so great that she has returned. All the OLTL storylines have been very entertaining. Addie Cramer lucid and adventurous---just terrific. And even though Dorian's behavior has been infuriating, Robin Strasser's performance has been deliciously wicked. Also Tuc Watkins' David Vickers as far as i am concerned, can do no wrong. i can't wait 'til i get to the ep where he finds out he is the Buchanan heir.

Yea! Tess is back...too bad it took Nash croaking for that to happen, especially since it was she, and not Jessica that Nash truly fell in love with. But i gotta say the fight scene that resulted in his demise was spectacular. i loved the scene in grieving Jessica's bedroom when she let Natalie have it with both barrels---in effect, 'we may be sisters by blood, but right now, i don't know you, i don't want to know you, you are banned from my and my kid's lives---period!'

Oh the tyranny of the clock. i will sum up for now and say currently my fav OLTL storylines are ALL of them, which is why they are winners.

More later on OLTL, GH, AMC and oh yeah, The Daytime Emmys.

'til next time...ciao