Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Life To Live ~ Jess/Tess At Nash's Funeral

The following video is comprised of clips from ABC's One Life To Live episodes which aired on 6~30~08 and 7~1~08

Thank you to starrandcolex32393
and nevel78
at YouTube for the original footage. If it weren't for you i'd have nothing to edit :-) XXXOOO

[Transcript As Prepared For Post]

Wow! if OLTL's Bree Williamson [Jess/Tess] is not awarded an emmy next year, fans will be fuming. This woman is on fire!

The eps of Nash's funeral and the days that followed were impressive to say the least.Called upon to cry at the bat of an eyelash, Ms Williamson is consistently more than up to the task. And whether she's sobbing or furious with righteous anger, [no make-up, light make-up, full make-up] the young widow looks beautiful in every instance.

The scripts, wardrobe, production, direction and performances of the entire cast but most especially Ms Williamson were wanting for nothing. Todd's line "this is the best funeral i've ever been to---flat out", just the best. Soo Todd.

When Viki tries to settle Jess down from airing ALL the Natalie/Jared dirty laundry saying "baby i think you've said enough for now" and Jess replies "no, no mom, i'm just getting started"---YES! Testify sister!

It was heart wrenching to see her rip her twin Nat apart, but it was necessary. Poor Natalie, she really is sorry for her choices, and while Nash's death technically, was accidental---kharma will always have it's day.

Jess' transition to Tess was like a well executed relay hand-off. Poor Viki, every maternal instinct she has seems to be stuck in neutral. Clueless that Tess is back, she senses something is amiss with Jess, but can't quite put her finger on it. mom is all [sigh]'i guess it's just Jess' way of dealing'.

Oh yeah---daughter's dealing alright, but it's Tess, not Jess who's TCBing.
OKayy! :-)

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