Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Life To Live ~ Madam Delfina

Cleopatra's Needle NYC Central Park photo credit:tex

In A Lather video post shot in NYC Central Park at Cleopatra's Needle

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OLTL's Madam Delfina is a wonderful character, played with just the right amount of sass and sincerity by Lea DeLaria. i just love her.

Frequent visitors to this site know that while i was raised a southern baptist, i am now, and have been since my pre-pubescent years, a pagan.

It was inevitable i guess. my paternal grandmother always had crystals, talismans, kachinas, and assorted charms on her bedroom dressing table. my sis and i would spend hours on end touching and holding them, and in general being transfixed by their beauty. it's funny, but grandmother never really specifically talked about their functions or why they were special, but we instinctively knew they were, and she indulged our tactile fascination of them.

i hesitate to categorize my sibs and myself as psychic, believe me if i thought that, i'd be holding winning lottery tickets every week. But several times over the years we have been witness to 'signs', and had pre-cognitive dreams [not always a good thing---[shrug]]. Shamans believe it is possible for different persons to have the same dream at the same time. This is also something my sibs and i have experienced---again, kind of freaky, but interesting. Another 'mind trick' that hubby taught me, is never using an alarm clock to wake up [on time/specific time]. i told him there was no way i could do this, at least not consistently, but 23plus years later we both successfully do just that :-)

i've gone on this tangent to let you know what a kick it is for me that OLTL is believably incorporating paranormal experiences in a major storyline.

Delfina dovetails perfectly with Llanview's other citizens. i'm going to guess her reading for Langston means that possibly her parents are actually still alive. Or if they are in fact really dead, there may be a long lost relative that Langston is unaware of.

The scenes with Delfina and newlywed/lovebirds Addie and David were delicious.

Speaking of Addie and David, how cute are they kanoodling, feeding each other strawberries, and trading naughty double entendre, much to the consternation of Addie's sis, and David's ex-lover Dorian. Pamela Payton-Wright and Tuc Watkins are perfectly matched, and i'm hoping that they stay a happy couple for at least a few months. Their's being a soap coupling, it's a pretty safe bet that someone or something will break them up, but i'm hoping that won't be for a while. Given Delfina's reading for them, i may just get my wish ;-)

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