Friday, August 08, 2008

General Hospital ~ Nicholas Cassidine

In A Lather video post shot in NYC Central Park Turtle Pond and Belvedere Castle

[Transcript As Written For Post]

Well it's not really Windemere, but you get the idea. It's In A Lather's homage to the Cassidine stateside home.

i'd like for GH to have a few more scenes with Nicholas, now that he's finally coming to terms with Emily's death. i don't think anything romantic is going to happen just yet between him and nurse Nadine, but it would be nice if that were to happen.

i'd like to see Nadine and Nicholas together, rather than Nadine and doctor Hunter who i guess they're kind of pushing as the new male hot tamale if you will. my personal preference is for Nicholas and Nadine to get together---sooner rather than later.

Thanks to CaziGirl for the GH source vids for In A Lather editing.

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