Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big Love ~ Come Come Ye Saints

i'm no theologian, and i try not to be a prosylatizer concerning matters of faith, but for me 'all is well' with the Big Love ep "Come Come Ye Saints". The reason? It's plot's emphasis is very much on Bill Henrickson's faith. i've always thought that was the core of this character [played by Bill Paxton]: his faith is his rock. In this episode to that end, he and his 3 wives and their 8 [i think that number is correct] 8 children embark on a 2500 mile pilgrimage from Utah, to the historic mid-western and upstate NY sites of Joseph Smith and his disciples. The flow of the trip is very 'History Channel' with the wives [having researched prior to taking the journey] imparting knowledge about the places they're visiting while Bill documents the trip by videotaping or photographing the stops they make along the way. When the clan reach the trip's final destination, the plan is to bury a familial time capsule for future generations. What can i say i'm a sucker for that sort of thing. my hubby is a history freak, so this one was good for him too. And speaking of 'was it good for you too?', for those who are yawning at the thought of history lessons, buck up, because this ep isn't all plaques,plows and statues---it's sexy---my girl Margene [played by Ginnifer Goodwin] shines again, funny---Nikki [played by Chloe Sevigny] is a pisser as always, and bawdy [see Marjean/Bill/Nikki foreplay], with lots of double entendre which anyone who's dropped by In A Lather, knows, is a guilty pleasure for me. No Big Love ep is complete without secrets and betrayals being uncovered and there juicy ones here. There are also many tender and endearing moments---Amanda Seyfried's Sarah in the car with dad Bill is a stand-out for me. HBO's Big Love airs Sunday's at 9:00pm [please check your local listings].

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oscar's Good Luck Charm

Years before there were stories in the news seemingly every day about economic crisis and budget cuts, hubby and i decided one item we would eliminate from our spending would be going to the movies. It's not that we don't want to help stimulate the economy, and it's not that we don't like movies---i would conservatively estimate that between video tape and dvds, we have more than 4000 movies in our
collection. So i'd say it's safe to say that we love movies. This was not an easy decision to make, because as was said we love movies. It was strictly a pragmatic choice: when we did go it was usually 3 times a month. At that time in nyc the cost of a movie ticket was $9.50 The current price is [i think] $11.00 per. Add to that what would be spent at the concession stand and if we took a cab for any shows that weren't playing in the neighborhood it was starting to take a pretty big chunk out of the ol' piggybank. we subscribe to the major premium movie channels so pretty much anything that we would have gone to the movie house to see we'd be seeing again within a few months of it playing at the theater, so it wasn't that big of a sacrifice. i tell you all that as a preface to the upcoming academy awards. Ocassionally as Oscar time drew near we would give in to temptation, and actually go to the movies. As coincidence would have it the movie we would choose ended up winning the academy award for best picture. Last year's winner of course being No Country For Old Men. We got to feeling like we were the good luck charm for the winning movie. Silly i know since clearly all the academy votes were already decided, just not revealed by the time we were taking our seats with the masses. Still it's fun to think that it might be true. On a side note i gotta say i'm scratching my head over the fact that Grand Torino did not get a nomination for best director or best picture. This year we haven't made the cinema trek, but we like Slumdog Millionaire's chances. Since we haven't torn a good luck ticket for Slumdog, it will be interesting to see if it takes Oscar home.

To see all Oscar's nominees, the daily events leading up to the 81st annual academy awards, and lots of cool things related to Hollywood's biggest night, check out the academy's official site at http://www.oscar.com/
The 81st Academy Awards airs live Sunday February 22 2009 8:00pmET 5:00pmPT on ABC
Oscar 81st Annual Academy Awards

Monday, February 02, 2009

Who Is The MySpace Sponsored Nip/Tuck Viral Video Contest Winner?

Animated Crying Baby clip courtesy Pixel Arcana Helen9 Cynical Woman & Angry Baby Crying Baby Sound courtesy mjl32672 at YouTube, Steamwhistle clip courtesy shay29772003 at YouTube, Very Scary Cat clip courtesy Hurlman418

Before we get to the contest item, i wanted to pass on the news about a scheduled personal appearance for Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon.

This week Virgin Blue launches it's trans-Pacific offshoot V Australia.

Rachel Griffiths and Julian McMahon are scheduled to appear at rollout parties this week in Los Angeles CA and Seattle WA.

Mr.McMahon [Doctor Christian Troy of FX'Golden Globe winning Nip/Tuck], a native of Sydney, is to attend a dinner with 150 guests hosted by Boeing in Seattle on Thursday February 5 2009. At the moment, i don't have information on a specific venue for the dinner. As always i will update if possible. Boeing has announced layoffs numbering in the thousands, but even in the wake of such sobering news, if there's anyone who can lift a crowd's spirits it would definitely be Mr.McMahon.

Ms.Griffiths, [Sarah Whedon of ABC's Brothers & Sisters, and Brenda Chenowith of HBO's Golden Globe winning 6 Feet Under], a native of Melbourne is to attend a 500 guest cocktail party at L.A.'s Flight Path Museum on Friday February 6 2009.

V Australia's fare-paying services from Sydney are to begin Friday February 27 2009. This is a revised date from December 2008, due to a machinist's strike at Boeing's Seattle WA plant.


Now, on to our contest item: December 2008, The FX Network, Nip/Tuck, and Myspace, sponsored a contest, the grand prize being a trip to the set of Nip/Tuck and the opportunity to interview Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon.

contest entry concluded january 7 2009

contest entry concluded january 7 2009

Now i would not be worthy of the description Nip/Tuck fan if i had not entered this contest. Since nothing in the rules precluded me from participating, of course i sent in a vid. my video was not chosen as the winner. Naturally i was bummed about that. But what really has me steamed is the fact that according to the official contest rules, the winner was to be announced "on or about January 23, 2009". Here we are at February 2, 2009 and i have not found any information regarding the name of the winner or where their video may be seen. i have checked virtually every page on MySpace to no avail. i have Googled, and perused every search option available within the world wide web and have come up with zilch from all avenues. Creative Zing Promotion Group is the contest administrator. i sent a SASE to them last week, but they have not yet responded. e-mailed them today at MySpace, awaiting reply.

Why am i steamed some of you may be wondering---firstly i wanted to congratulate the person who was the lucky contestant. And not for nothing, i'd like to see the work the judging panel felt was superior to all other entries [yes including mine]. Also in lieu of me interviewing the stars of Nip/Tuck, i would like to have interviewed whomever had won, and get them to share the happy details of their time on the set, and in general give In A Lather's vistors the dish on their day at McNamara/Troy.

A poster on one of the forums i visit gave the name of the person who'd won, but as i cannot confirm that information as accurate from the contest's sponsors or administrators i would prefer not to publicize until i have vetted. This is not to say that i don't trust the word of the person who provided the name, but, it is my habit to "trust, but verify". i have seen that contestant's video and it's good, although as i said to the person who provided the link, ego prevents me from saying their vid is better than mine . Until the sponsors and/or administrators of the contest provide substantive info, i guess i'll have to bide my time as far as posting the winner's vid and name.

Oh for anyone who'd like to see my entry for the contest, here ya go:

PS: my other videos at MySpace may be found here: sookie's vids at MySpace


Thank you to fellow MySpace and niptuckforum subscriber Tania for pointing me in the direction of the winner of the Nip/Tuck Viral Video Contest. And, true to my word, now that the information has been vetted, i am posting the winning video and the name of it's star.

Her name is EricaG. Congrats Erica.

i still have beef with the contest's sponsors/administrators because they only posted MsG's photo with the announcement of her win for 5 days [i missed it, and wonder how many other MySpace subscribers did], while the announcement for the contest itself is still up. imho, Erica's name and winning video should be up and running on the MySpace Channel page front and center alongside the contest announcement so her new fans [of which i am now one] can easily see her vid.

O.K. enough of my venting, here's winner Erica's Nip/Tuck Viral Video:

Nip Tuck Viral Video Submission