Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big Love ~ Come Come Ye Saints

i'm no theologian, and i try not to be a prosylatizer concerning matters of faith, but for me 'all is well' with the Big Love ep "Come Come Ye Saints". The reason? It's plot's emphasis is very much on Bill Henrickson's faith. i've always thought that was the core of this character [played by Bill Paxton]: his faith is his rock. In this episode to that end, he and his 3 wives and their 8 [i think that number is correct] 8 children embark on a 2500 mile pilgrimage from Utah, to the historic mid-western and upstate NY sites of Joseph Smith and his disciples. The flow of the trip is very 'History Channel' with the wives [having researched prior to taking the journey] imparting knowledge about the places they're visiting while Bill documents the trip by videotaping or photographing the stops they make along the way. When the clan reach the trip's final destination, the plan is to bury a familial time capsule for future generations. What can i say i'm a sucker for that sort of thing. my hubby is a history freak, so this one was good for him too. And speaking of 'was it good for you too?', for those who are yawning at the thought of history lessons, buck up, because this ep isn't all plaques,plows and statues---it's sexy---my girl Margene [played by Ginnifer Goodwin] shines again, funny---Nikki [played by Chloe Sevigny] is a pisser as always, and bawdy [see Marjean/Bill/Nikki foreplay], with lots of double entendre which anyone who's dropped by In A Lather, knows, is a guilty pleasure for me. No Big Love ep is complete without secrets and betrayals being uncovered and there juicy ones here. There are also many tender and endearing moments---Amanda Seyfried's Sarah in the car with dad Bill is a stand-out for me. HBO's Big Love airs Sunday's at 9:00pm [please check your local listings].

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