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Breaking Bad Season 2 Finale Episode 13: ABQ

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In an earlier post about Breaking Bad, i'd mentioned that the show doesn't sugar coat the world of meth and it's fallout. Boy was that assessment ever proven accurate in the season 2 finale, ep 13:ABQ.

i'm pretty much going to thumbnail my take on this ep because it has an encore airing following the date of this post and i don't want to do spoilers.

i think it's a safe bet that anyone who is a fan of the late John Belushi will have the same reflexive response i did while watching this ep---yelling at tv---"speedballs kill". O.K. technically a speedball is a combination of cocaine and heroin, not meth and heroin, but that definition would be splitting hairs, since the rush of combining two powerful antithetical drugs is the objective. And of course the danger increases with the substitution of meth because it has a bolder kick than cocaine. Also if one has built up a tolerance for the drug(s) the likelihood of overdosing increases. Chemical reaction will not be denied. Kudos to Breaking Bad for letting the audience know "that's the double-truth ruth"*

i also have to hand it to the Breaking Bad crew for the natural ebb and flow of this ep. Very much 'a day in the life of Walt White' feel to it. He's still dealing with juggling the double life he's living: his cancer treatments/surgery, the day to day of being a husband and father, and wheeling and dealing with another power player and perspective distributor in the meth trade---an extremely smooth operator played by Giancarlo Esposito. Walt's consiglieri Saul Goodman is the go-between for that introduction. If Bob Odenkirk does not get an emmy for his Saul, then the governing body have not paid close enough attention.

This ep had a bit of everything to entertain...Joy: Walt is so sweet when he's holding his newborn daughter i defy anyone not to go "aww" in all his scenes with the baby. Frustration: Jesse's a good kid but he makes many bad decisions. Also, i could throttle Skyler for the decision she makes about her and Walt's marriage. Shock & Awe: the kid on the bike. Humor: see Saul. Heartbreak: Jesse, and Jane's dad Donald [played by one of my long time favs John de Lancie]. And of course my favorite thing of all about the season 2 episode 13 finale is that it gives us a cliffhanger and all the plot clues that were sprinkled throughout the preceding episodes are answered and resolved.

Can't hardly wait 'til AMC gives the start date for Breaking Bad season 3.

*sookie quoting a line from Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing


buzzwaffle said...

I can't keep up with this show -- finale?? already?? I'll have to to to hulu to see it. It is on too late here in mountain time.

sookietex said...

i know what you mean, even on east coast time i usually go the vcr route---thank the gods for video tape :-) AMC is still in negotiations with hulu, but i have a feeling it won't be too long before Breaking Bad will be available there. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

buzzwaffle said...

Maybe have to break down and buy the dvd's. One of the best shows ever.

carlo said...

This is a good blog. I never forget the 2 episodes of season 2 of Breaking Bad TV Show. This is a great show. All the comment are excellent which are shown in this blog.

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