Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 4 School Nurse

Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 4 School Nurse

O.K. what is the deal with Nurse Jackie and pharmacist Eddie? Is she having sex with him because she is genuinely attracted to him or is it just to score drugs? Is Eddie having sex with Jackie because he's gotta have her or is he only thinking he's got a sure and steady thing with her as long as she needs a sure and steady percodan supply? Don't get me wrong, i'm no prude, although i am upset with Jackie for cheating on her husband Kevin, who by all indications is a good man, father, and provider. i understand the heart wants what the heart wants, i just can't figure why Jackie's heart is wanting given that she has a good and again by all indications faithful man waiting for her at home. And since Eddie doesn't know Jackie has a husband and 2 count them 2 children it's hard to fault him for sleeping with her. Even if he did know, he's not the one who took vows. i don't know, i guess i'm just trying to figure why they hooked up and where their relationship is leading. If the hospital installs the Pyxis dispenser Pyxis®Medstation2000 will they continue to have nooners or will they end it? Although since Jackie has invested in a 2nd cell, i guess she's planning to continue to shtup Eddie. i must admit i found the bit Jackie does with the phones to be really funny. Edie Falco has great comedic timing. Kevin and Eddie call Jackie at the same time, she's holding a phone in each hand and says simultaneously into both receivers "can't talk now, love you" and hangs up before either caller can respond.

And as well as Ms.Falco and cast can make you laugh, they can choke you up too. Dr.Cooper who at first view, you right off as a complete doofus shows a very tender and competent bedside manner with an elderly patient. A few scenes later that patient dies. Student nurse Zoey takes it hard, and Jackie consoles her by saying "everybody has a first---it's never easy---and if it does become easy it's time to quit".

Equally moving are a moment between nurse Momo and Zoey. A 5yr old boy is being treated for injuries after falling from playground equipment. The boy is a twin and Momo reveals that he had a twin who died when he was a year old.

Another scene i enjoyed was when Jackie and Kevin meet with their 10 yr old daughter Grace's school nurse, teacher and school district shrink. The concern is that the child has "generalized anxiety disorder". As they're looking at one of Grace's drawings the first thing i noticed was that even though the work is well executed, there is no color. i figured that was what triggered the scholastic concern. i was right. my hubby quipped "hey maybe the kid only had a pencil and no color crayons". i agree with Grace's parents that their child does not need to be medicated. i like the stance Jackie took on that issue.

For anyone who may have missed Nurse Jackie's first 4 eps, or you just want to watch them again, Showtime is airing a marathon on Saturday July 4, 2009 at 8:00pm Nurse Jackie's 5th episode of season 1 will air on Monday July 6, 2009. [Please check your local listings].

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