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TrueBlood Season 2 Premiere Episode 1 Nothing But The Blood

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Hot horrifying and humorous---Yea!, HBO's TrueBlood has returned for a second season, and so has fan fav Lafayette. At the conclusion of season 1, some fans were fretting that the corpse in detective Andy's car in Merlotte's parking lot was Tara's cousin Lafayette. i never thought for a minute that the show had killed him off. Even though HBO's promos for TrueBlood season 2 did not mention the character, and he is equally not present in the subsequent Charlaine Harris books upon which the show is based, Lafayette and his portrayer Nelsan Ellis are just too popular with television viewers to be so quickly abandoned.

Even though Lafayette Nelsan Ellis True Blood's Lafayette is still with us he is not safe. He has been kidnapped and is being held prisoner by elder vamp

Eric Alexander Skarsgard True Blood's Eric with several other hapless citizens of Bon Temps Louisiana. But i have a feeling Lafayette is going to come out of this alive and well.

i like how TrueBlood seamlessly injects and tweaks real life societal issues and icons into their scripts. Tell me that the characters Reverend Steve Newlin and his Mrs. Sarah, are not winking at real life Reverend Joel and Mrs.Victoria Osteen. i am enjoying all the True Blood characters, and of the supporting cast i particularly like female deputy Kenya. i'm hoping in the ensuing episodes she is given more screen time and is added to HBO's TrueBlood site which gives character/actor breakdowns---she is currently not listed, an oversight i hope is soon corrected. Meanwhile i will be content with the expanding friendship between Maryann and Tara. i love that Maryann told Tara's mom exactly what she thinks of her. i sense much drama for these ladies' futures.

Props to TrueBlood's producers on their music choices---keeping Jace Everett's "I Want To Do Bad Things With You" as the show's theme song, Bob Dylan's Beyond Here Lies Nothing for the promos for season 2, and Randy Travis warbling
Nothing But The Blood [of Jesus]

in the second season's first ep. Props to Nothing But The Blood scripter Alexander Woo---all the characters voices are right, particularly Bill's. Bill's vocabulary is accented with just enough by-gone era speech; "slattern" "whilst" and the like, to convey that he is of another century, while maintaining a modern feel. Vamp Bill has his hands full being guardian to adolescent Jessica. i love all their scenes, especially the one where he is instructing her about recycling glass and paper and other rules "whilst in his home". In season 1, Eric ordered Bill to glamour, bite, and drain Jessica, as punishment for killing a brother vampire. The vampire he killed was going to kill Sookie. In season 2 Bill and Sookie are a full fledged couple. A case of art imitating life---Ms.Paquin and Mr.Moyer announced in February of this year that they are a couple off-screen. Some [reviewers] have said it makes them feel voyeuristic watching their love, it only adds to the passion---i love it.

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin True Blood's Bill and Sookie

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