Monday, August 10, 2009

Shatner's Raw Nerve ~ William Shatner Interviews Jenna Jameson, Leonard Nimoy, And Other Celebs

i love William Shatner. He's funny, sexy, artistically prolific, loves horses, and gives great interviews. i discovered the other day that he's equally adept at getting interviews. Airing on the Biography Channel, Shatner's Raw Nerve is a great talk show. i think the secret to the show's appeal, aside from the celebrities [Leonard Nimoy, Jenna Jameson, Tim Allen, Fran Drescher, to name but a few] that sit for a chat with 'The Shat' is that he employs a skill that many interviewers have forgotten [if they ever did make use of]---he listens. As a result, not only are the subject's responses more interesting, it allows Shatner the chance to take the topic discussed to the next level.

i don't usually watch talk shows---oh i've seen a few eps of Ellen and Fox' recently renewed Wendy Williams Show, and i enjoy Jay Leno and Letterman, but the former has been on hiatus and they're both on past my usual bedtime. But in general, imho, the genre has not had a good example for generations. i'm very 'old school' in my taste for talk---Johnny Carson, Steve Allen, Mike Douglas, David Susskind, Virginia Graham, David Frost, Dick Cavett. The last two no longer interview, and the ones mentioned before them, unfortunately are no longer with us.

The other thing that's appealing about Shatner's Raw Nerve is the set. The decor is extremely tasteful, and i especially like the way the chairs are positioned---as one guest remarked, like a loveseat. Shatner's Raw Nerve is a feast for the eyes, the ears, and the brain.

Shatner's Raw Nerve airs on the Biography Channel. Please Check your local listings.

Shatner's Raw Nerve

Shatner's Raw Nerve Guest: Leonard Nimoy

Shatner's Raw Nerve Guest: Jenna Jameson

Shatner's Raw Nerve


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