Monday, September 21, 2009

Dexter Season 4 Episode 1 Living The Dream

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Dexter, America's favorite serial killer/blood spatter analyst is back. Sleep deprived, but back. Dexter's a newly-wed father of 3, and the youngest of the children, baby Harrison, is keeping daddy sleepless in Miami. Resulting in Dexter being off his game. He's distracted, misplacing his keys, being absent minded about his cases, blowing his "expert" testimony on the witness stand, which allows a defendant, who by all rights should have been found guilty, to go free. Dexter's increasing domestic responsibilities are also leaving him with no time to kill---and for Dexter, that expression is not just a figure of speech. Add to that the return of FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy [Keith Carradine]requesting Dexter to be his go-to guy on capturing the elusive 'Trinity Killer' [John Lithgow], thus dubbed because for 3 decades he has successfully slain his way across the U.S. As Lt.Laguerta [Lauren Velez] says "there's blood, lots of it".

Showtime's Dexter returns for it's 4th season on Sunday September 27, 2009 at 9:00pm
Please check your local listings.

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Dexter Clip From Living The Dream Season 4 Episode 1

Dexter Clip From Living The Dream Season 4 Episode 1

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vern said...

i am huge fan of Dexter and has seen All Dexter seasons so far and very excited about its 4th season. season premier was awesome it will be interesting to watch with new domestic responsibilities how Dexter able to concentrate on his real business

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