Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rescue Ink Unleashed Season 1 Episode 1 It's A Cruel, Cruel, World

Ronald Reagan said "There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse."

tru'dat! And may i add to that sentiment dogs, cats, reptiles, and all creatures of the scaled, furry, feathered, hooved, slippery, and four legged kind. National Geographic has a great new show, Rescue Ink Unleashed. It follows a group named Rescue Ink---that's ink, i_n_k. "Rescue Ink™ was formed to aid in battling animal abuse and neglect, and to assist existing animal-welfare agencies and shelters."

Think animal advocates with tats. Community activists with A-Team style and "zero tolerance" for animal abuse. Not all the members of the group sport ink, but that doesn't make them any less passionate about rescuing, and relocating animals in distress. When the situation calls for it, they arrange for adoptions, and make certain that pet and owner are rightly matched.

My favorite of the team's missions is when they have to round up a run-away rooster. Capturing a chicken is a great deal different than a dog or cat, and watching them map out their corralling strategy is great fun. For me the best thing about the show is it dispels myths. An animal is not necessarily a menace because they happen to be a particular breed. An animal that has been traumatized is not beyond rehabilitation. In many ways, the backgrounds of the rescuing humans mirror those of their animal charges, and that makes for heartwarming success stories from both perspectives. Rescue Ink Unleashed airs on the National Geographic Channel, Fridays at 10:00pm with repeat airings Wednesdays at 8:00pm Please check your local listings.

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