Sunday, October 25, 2009

General Hospital's Jonathan Jackson Returns As Lucky Spencer Tuesday October 27, 2009 Episode #11921

Luckies: Greg Vaughan And Jonathan Jackson
Luke And Laura: Anthony Geary And Genie Francis
Lucky And Liz: Greg Vaughan, Rebecca Herbst Jonathan Jackson
General Hospital's Lucky Spencer still resides in Port Charles, but Greg Vaughan is gone. Since 2003, Vaughan had played the son of GH super couple Luke & Laura. The role has now undergone a recast redux with Lucky's 1993 originator Jonathan Jackson. Popular with the show's fans, Jackson portrayed the character for six years. In the year 2000 Jacob Young [All My Children's JR Chandler] took the role for a three year run. Greg Vaughan picked up the part from 2003 to October 2009.

i got no beef with Jackson's return per se, but i think the way GH's execs dealt with Vaughan's release stinks. The way they implemented their decision was nothing short of a sucker punch, and then adding insult to injury they released a statement saying it was Vaughan's decision to leave the show. "Greg Vaughn has decided to vacate the role to explore new opportunities". Not true. The producers called Vaughan in for a meeting and dismissed him. It wasn't that he'd done anything wrong, they were taking the character in a different direction, one they didn't feel he was suitable for. Mr.Vaughan's response has been nothing less than classy. The best example i can offer of that is an interview he gave to Michael Fairman. A September 28th farewell message on Twitter bore no ill will. Not to his former employer, not to his cast mates, but he did set the record straight about why he would not be returning to General Hospital.

Jonathan Jackson returns to General Hospital Tuesday October 27, 2009, and is contracted to play Lucas Lorenzo 'Lucky' Spencer for a six month run. i guess his fans can expect a renewal when that time expires, but with the way things have been running in daytime lately---the Vaughan sacking, the Eric Braeden debacle over at CBS' Young And The Restless, Guiding Light's cancellation, All My Children relocating a portion of it's cast to L.A. and the rest opting to remain in NYC, Sarah Brown's Claudia Zaccarro exiting GH in November 2009 rather than January 2010 [although in Ms.Brown's case she's leaving earlier to begin a long term contract on The Bold and The Beautiful], etc., etc., ya never really know what to expect from them what makes the soaps.

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Anonymous said...

Greg Vaughan is the best "Lucky" that there has ever been if jonathan was going to come back he shouldn't have left. not that he's a bad actor but he is just not right for the part of Lucky anymore.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's supposed to make Jonathan Jackson "not right" for the part. Lucky Spencer is supposed to be no older than 28 years old. NO OLDER. Jonathan is 27 years old. It seems to me that if someone wasn't right for the part it was the close to 40 years old Greg Vaughan.

And since the character he played was NEVER Lucky Spencer in the first place and that has been rectified with Jonathan's return, I honestly don't get these "right for the part" arguments. Greg Vaughan was NEVER right for the part. Lucky is now being played and written the way he always should have been AND being portrayed by the actor who MADE the character viable, iconic and popular in the first place. Were it not for the groundwork that JONATHAN laid in the role, Greg Vaughan would have never had a job playing Lucky Spencer at all!

Anonymous said...

I agree Joanthan Jackson is the one & only person for the part of Lucky spencer. It never really felt right with Greg, He just never really clicked. I wasent happy when they first recast him in the first place, there will always only be one true Lucky Spencer & thats Jonthan. He is so much more belivable, my only regret is all the changes they made to the caracter after JJ first left now hes so differnt then the Character I first fell in love with. I am so Happy JJ is back!

Anonymous said...

There was never a question as to who was the better lucky. jj should have never been replaced

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