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Dexter: Hello Dexter Morgan Season 4 Episode 11

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Your fight or flight instinct is amped anticipating the occurrence of an abduction, slashing, bludgeoning, or a shove out of a window. Pulse is racing, throat is dry, your eyes dart to scan your surroundings for any threatening presence. You can't catch your breath, and when you finally can, it's a gasp. You're watching Showtime's Dexter, Hello Dexter Morgan, Season 4 Episode 11.

In the 4th season of Dexter, John Lithgow as Arthur Mitchell aka 'The Trinity Killer' has skeert the beejeezus out of me. Arthur has honed the appearance of normalcy to a fine art, and that's what makes him extremely creepy. When Arthur does behave as his true self, the matter-of-fact manner in which he carries out acts of violence are chilling to say the least. In Dexter's 9th episode, "Hungry Man", Arthur had no qualms about breaking his son Jonah's fingers while his wife was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on their Thanksgiving dinner. The son, an athlete, has been abused so often, he confides to Dexter, that he has run out of plausible explanations to his coach at school as to how he has sustained so many injuries off the playing field. Arthur gives new meaning to the phrase "domestic terrorist".

In his pursuit of Arthur, Dexter has used an alias, "Kyle Butler". As there have been in the previous episodes, there are many twists in episode 11 "Hello Dexter Morgan". i won't divulge them all here---what would be the fun of that, but i'll give you a thumbnail of what leads up to the uttering of the episode's title. To flush Arthur out of hiding, "Kyle" threatens to extort him for $50K. But as the episode progresses, Arthur pursues "Kyle", and discovers Dexter's true identity---well his occupation and true name, not that he too [however twistedly altruistic the motives] is a serial killer. Arthur has tailed Dexter to the police station. Once inside he stops at the information desk and politely asks if Kyle Butler works there. When told no one by that name is in the personnel files, he proceeds to steal the visitor's pass of another law abiding citizen who is with a group taking a tour of the station. Confidently, he shows the pass as he goes through the metal detector. Eventually sees the evidence of Dexter's attempt to display normalcy, the homicide unit's bowling league team photo [from season 2], with Dexter's name below his picture. Arthur goes to the homicide detective's floor, he and Dexter see each other, they approach each other, and as they stand face to face, Arthur smiles and greets him with the words "Hello Dexter Morgan".

Dexter's 4th season ends on the next episode, #12 "The Getaway". Having to wait for Showtime to announce the start date for the 5th season of Dexter---now that feels like a bloody eternity.

Dexter airs on Showtime and Showtime on Demand. Please check your local listings.

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